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Arrrrgggg… Welcome, Matey. So I hear you want to become a pirate legend. Athena’s Fortune awaits! We be looking to start our journey but we be needing some scallywags. Will ye Join? In Sea of Thieves start by picking your inner pirate from the Infinte Pirate Generator, this randomizes eight different pirates with a range of body types and faces to choose from. Now that you chose a pirate that exemplifies your personality you can choose how many scallywags you want to sail with and the size of your ship. The Sloop is for the brave or stupid, I am not sure which I am yet. It’s a one or two pirate ship that is maneuverable.  It has two cannons., one on each side and a single mast. The ship is more for those who like agile ships, then there’s the Galleon. The Galleon is triple masted, has eight cannons and three decks. The Galleon is really used for a three to four pirate crew. Sailing these two ships is a wonderful experience. One of the games best attributes.

Arrgg the seas are a beautiful sight. The world in general is beautiful. I have never been one that is compelled to get a game just on graphics. I grew up with the NES, graphics were not great. But Sea of Thieves has changed my mind to at least consider it. The Sea feels like an ever-changing character, calm and docile one minute then violent and raging the next. Visuals under the sea are gorgeous except when getting mauled by a shark…

Exploring the seas with friends is one of my favorite things to do in Sea of Thieves. There have been many funny/memorable moments during my expeditions with my crews. Like playing a song or instruments as we go down with the ship. (Achievement! “A Titanic Ensemble”). Firing a friend to the top of a mountain with cannon or trying to get him on a ship and missing badly, (oops sorry.) Drinking too much grog and throwing up on each other. Blowing up a gunpowder keg under an enemy ship’s rutter. Getting attacked by the Kracken. Or everyone in our crew getting “rekted” at a skeleton fort because we thought we were ready…NOT!

Combat is good when it is player versus player.  However against the AI it is a bit off.  The sword fighting is good with the exception of a random skeleton side stepping you and getting behind you too fast. Then again you can just blow him up if you are within range with the cannons on the ship. I have done that to those really pesky skeletons many times, it is very satisfying. I also wish they would have kept the system of what guns you carry from the beta. I loved having three weapons at my side.  A sword, pistol, and a blunderbuss or sniper. Either that or give us the ability to have more than five shots. So many times I have run out of ammo and had to take on 5 or more enemies with just the sword. This gets the blood pumping and is great if you are skilled at close combat.

Sea of Thieves has three factions that you need to level up to become “Pirate Legend”.  The Gold Hoarders, Order of Souls and The Merchant Alliance. Each Faction has a maximum level of 50. If you are wondering, yes it is going to be a grind to get to level 50 in each. This is also where the game needs a bit of work.  The quests get very repetitive. There are the occasional sunken ship or messages in a bottle that will help change it up but after a while it just gets stale. For the most part you sail to different islands with a map, dig up treasure then sail back to the outpost and turn a chest in.

Even though the game in its current state doesn’t have that many things to do there are changes on the way. Rare released a video to outline their current content plan (which is all for FREE!). The developers outlined everything coming to us in the next few months starting with The Hungering Deep update that rolls out in May.

The “Hungering Deep” includes a new AI threat that crews have to band together to defeat in order to gain unique rewards as well as new game mechanics to help with adventuring. As part of the mechanics they will be introducing weekly rewards. Then during the summer months two more updates are planned. The first being “Cursed Sails”, which will have a new ship for us to use and then there will be “Forsaken Shores” which will open up a more dangerous area to explore as well as new AI threats and rewards to claim. Seems like developers were listening to the community about how stale the game is in its current state.

The game currently is a lot of fun but still lacks content to keep it as refreshing as the first couple of play sessions. It’s very hard for me to jump in solo and sail for a couple of hours doing the quests over and over again. Lets see how these updates change the evolution of the game.  The developers are promising big things and that gets me excited.At the end of the day I enjoy playing it with my friends and I can’t wait to see the new content. All I really want is an update where I can have a monkey as a pet and his name to be Jack.  So, in its current state to me, Sea of Thieves is a great game.  If I had to grade it I would give the game a 7 out 10. Let us know what you think of the game if you have played it or if you are planning on getting it.

Sea of Thieves is available on the Xbox Game Pass so you can try it. Xbox Game Pass offers a 14-day free trial.

-Matt aka Devotedsaint



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  1. Hi Matt,
    After reading your article, I feel like I am very interesting about this game. I have an xbox 360. Am I need to download from xbox 360 directly or I need to buy game disc from amazon? I can’t find any extra links to this game. I am a one-peace fans. and I love sea. Thank you for your sharing.

    1. Hello Raino
      Unfortunately Sea of Thieves is Xbox One and Windows 10 exclusive. Sorry for the confusion. I am glad you enjoyed the article. Thank you for the comment.

  2. Hello Matt,
    I’ve never been a fan of playing games, but I’m here because it’s a pirate related game and my boyfriend loves that sort of thing. This post gives me all the information I need. He has to have this game for his birthday coming up! The only thing I worry about is him enjoying IT (the game) more than he does ME (Devara)!
    Thanks for sharing,

    1. Hey Devara,
      Thanks for comment! My wife is the same, she isn’t fan of playing either. But she appreciates the games I like. To the point our sons room was Legend of Zelda inspired and our daughter has a Pokémon Nickname. I am glad I help out with a birthday gift. Just remember its Xbox One and Windows 10. Don’t worry I think he will choose wisely.
      -Matt aka Devotedsaint.

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