Cars with Rockets Hitting Some Balls: Rocket League an in Depth Look

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As an avid sport and car guy, when I saw Rocket League for the first time I knew I was going to get hooked. In my opinion, what’s better than vehicles that are powered by rockets and hitting an oversized soccer ball. The only thing I could think of is to do it in real life, man that would be fun. But to get the rockets you will need a lot of government clearance and I don’t see that happening. Rocket League is on multiple platforms PS4, PC, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. I currently own this game on Nintendo Switch and Xbox One. The initial release was in July 2015 for the PS4 and Windows. Rocket League is developed and published by Psyonix, they also released a game before this called Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars. I wasn’t aware that S.A.R.P.B.C. was the precursor to Rocket League. It has been 3 years since the initial release but don’t let that fool you. Psyonix has been hard at work releasing different timed events every couple of months to keep everyone interested. Currently, Psyonix has its 3-year anniversary event going on. You can unlock a host of different anniversary themed items to decorate your Battle-Cars by collecting balloons, after each game you gain a certain number of balloons to use as currency. Click on the banner or game box’s throughout the article to buy your copy today. Now let’s talk about some things that make Rocket League a great game.

Getting on the Pitch

Rocket League makes soccer fun. In my opinion, soccer is a boring sport but let’s move past that. There are numerous game modes to play, both in casual and competitive. Psyonix has created a great mix with a very simple game. They have a classic 3 v 3 mode which are two teams of three Battle-Cars trying to score as many goals in the 5-minute game. They also include a 4 v 4, 2 v 2, 1 v 1, hockey, and basketball to name some. My favorite mode has to be hockey. Instead of the traditional ball, it’s a puck and it doesn’t bounce around like the ball does. No matter how many games you play each one is different. I have played a moderate amount of games, I can tell anytime that I am not sure what to play Rocket League is my fall back. This is the one sports game that doesn’t get old. How you control the Battle-Cars is fun yet simple. One of the biggest changes from traditional car games is the fact that you have a jump button and you can double jump. This is how you can hit the ball/puck on the bounce. This is really the main way to hit the ball/puck, in Rocket League momentum is key to everything you do. Landing on all four wheels in the direction you are going is better than landing slightly on 2 wheels.


Rocket League is dare I say it, a simple game to play but a hard game to master. The way some players play is unreal. I watch some of the best at Rocket League on YouTube. Some goals and epic saves are amazing to watch. Rocket League has an amazing following because of the game’s solid core mechanics and epic moments. This game goes toe to toe with a lot of other games in e-sports but not a lot can say that their tournament was broadcast on an NBC network.



In Rocket League there is a host of different and unique Battle-Cars. On each car, one can change the paint, tires, liveries, toppers, goal explosions, and much more. So there are millions of combinations. There are currently a bunch of different ways to obtain items. General leveling up and sometimes after completion of matches you can get items. During specific events, you can obtain currency for completing games and you can use the currency to purchase exclusive items for that event. One other way that everyone can get more items is the Rocket Pass. This will become available later this summer. From what I have read about it will work very similar to Fortnites Battle Pass. There will be a free one and a premium one that you can pay around $9.99. You will unlock the different tiers after a specific amount of XP. This is a welcome addition because the current way to unlock exotic items is to open crates that are locked behind a paywall. You need to buy keys to unlock those crates.

The crate system is one of my qualms with Rocket League. You earn these crates by just playing matches, but the only way to open them is to buy keys. Not cool Psyonix, not cool. It didn’t stop me from buying keys but at least give me the option to earn keys through completing a challenge or something. Their saving grace is that during these timed events you can buy these decryptors with event currency to open the crate.



Rocket League is the one game all of us at All4Gamerz are very competitive at. We have tried to settle who is better and it was a little embarrassing to admit but Eric was clearly better. I own it on the Nintendo Switch and Xbox One. Aj and Eric both own Rocket League on multiple platforms as well. This game isn’t bad in the price point, $19.99 for the normal edition and $24.99 for the Game of the Year edition. All in all Rocket League is one of my favorite current multiplayer games out on the market. As I said earlier this is the one game I always end up falling back to anytime I don’t know what to play. If you have played Rocket League or are interested in getting it, let us know in the comments.

All4Gamerz gives Rocket League a 9/10. I would have given it a perfect score but I am not a big fan of the crate system and not being allowed to earn the keys.

-Matt a.k.a. Devotedsaint

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