Ergonomic Gaming Chair: The Right Chair To Fit In

A little while ago I wrote about the different types of gaming chairs that are out in the world; from rockers to the more traditional gaming chairs seen by your favorite YouTuber or Lets Player. In this article I am going to go over a few chairs that are more Ergonomic Gaming Chairs. For those who are new to gaming or might be unaware of the word in general, ergonomic describes the chair to be comfortable and efficient. For our purpose here we are looking at the best kind of chairs to sit on for long gaming sessions. Hopefully this should help you find the chair of your dreams.

DX Racer To The Scene

I figured I would put a lot of people’s favorite chair in here first. The DX Racer, as I have mentioned in an earlier post, is a great racing chair to own. The design itself not only brings your PC setup all together but it is quite comfortable to sit in for long gaming sessions as well. Believe it or not the DX Racer chair has a ton of different types of chairs in its arsenal. I am going to talk about the Formula series for this part of the review.

The reason I am choosing this particular chair over the others is for a couple of different reasons:

  1. These chairs can be pricey, don’t forget you’re paying for quality and most of all the name too.
  2. You also want to meet suggested height and weight requirements for each type of DX Racer.

The second reason, on average, may fit the most people out there looking for a gaming chair. With the suggested height for the chair being up to 5 ft, 10 in (178cm) and the suggested weight up to 180 lbs (81.65kg) that may fit most peoples description. The chair itself has a height of 50 – 53 inches which is adjustable of course. The chair also comes with adjustable armrests and depending on which model you choose, the chair would come with 3D armrests instead of the typical adjustable armrest. I know it sounds like I just made up 3D armrests but I promise I didn’t. The 3D armrest allows the armrest to move backward, forward and can even swivel, this would help who ever is using the chair move it closer to the desk.

The most important part of the chair, in my opinion, is the accessories that come alongside it. You also get a head rest cushion and a lumbar cushion as well. The lumbar cushion is vital for those who have long gaming sessions or who just surf the net for hours on end. Your lower back will thank you for thinking of it. In terms of it being ergonomic, I say this chair fits the bill. Not only does the chair wrap around your body similar to a formula one racing car, you also have great features with the 3D armrest and the extra cushions for added comfort.

The X Rocker, Rocking Out

We just went over the DX Racer chair which is really more for PC gaming. Let’s get into a chair that is really more for console gaming. As we play on our consoles we don’t really think about where we’re sitting as much as we probably should. If you’re sitting on your couch hunched over for hours, you might be doing more damage to your back than you may realize. Take a look at the X Rocker pro pedestal gaming chair.

This chair has multiple functions and like with any chair you can use it as you see fit. You can watch movies, listen to music, read a book or more importantly play some games. It sits a little lower than what most people may be accustomed to at a height of 42 in. The chair is wrapped with material called “bonded leather”, it is a combination of left over pieces of hide, basically meaning vinyl. It is not as durable as leather but it is still pretty comfortable to sit on.

This chair has some very interesting features as well. This chair can connect wirelessly to most gaming consoles to provide audio from its two front facing speakers that are built into the top cushion. The built-in radio wireless receiver also includes a wireless transmitter. They work with any source with RCA stereo outputs; optional RCA cables come included with the chair. If you like surround sound while your gaming or watching a movie, then this chair may be what you are looking for. For what you get out of the chair in functionality and electronics you cannot beat the price. You can find the X Rocker Pro right here.


GT Racing To The Scene

The last chair I want to talk about has some very interesting features that you will love if you are more in the market for extreme comfort. We have the GT Racing High Back Ergonomic Gaming Chair. Yes this might be calling back to the racing chair design like we were talking about with the DX Racer I mentioned first on the list but this one is really worth talking about. This chair comes with….drum roll please…… A FOOT REST BUILT IN! You heard me right ladies and gentlemen the GT Racing chair comes with a foot rest, this way after you just whooped your friend in the latest round of Fortnite, you can take a victory nap.

The body is similar to that of the DX Racer, in that it wraps around your body as a Racing chair typically does. Of course the design is different between the two with the GT Racing chair seat being a little wider at 20.1in compared to the DX Formula which is 14.5in. The material with the GT Racing chair is made with an easy to clean polyurethane and also includes a removable lumbar cushion.

If you feel so inclined to take a nap in this chair, which I can’t blame you if you do, there is an adjustable back rest that can go from a 90 degree angle to a 170 degree angle. It also has a 360 degree swivel, so if you feel like spinning right round baby right round you can. The height of the chair is pretty nice as well, it stands at 40.06 inches and can be adjusted to around 49.2 inches. Another thing I like about the chair is the maximum suggested weight capacity is 330 lbs, for bigger guys like me, this works out nicely.


No Need To Sit On Your Decision

For those who have been thinking about purchasing a new Gaming Chair, I hope I was able to bring some new possibilities to light for you here. I know that picking the right chair for you can be a pain and it really is all about comfort when you’re going to be sitting in the chair for hours on end. The chairs that are mentioned in this article I absolutely would recommend to my family and my friends. It depends on how much you are comfortable spending, if you’re looking for a great quality chair and a great known name, go for the DX racer. Are you looking more for something that get’s the job done and not harsh on the wallet? Go for the GT Racing chair.

I really would love to hear from anyone who reads this article, leave a message in the comments below. What did you think of the chairs that were mentioned? Do you own any of the chairs listed? Let me know, lets have a discussion!






8 Replies to “Ergonomic Gaming Chair: The Right Chair To Fit In”

  1. AJ your article is absolutely amazing and I liked your review about the GT racing chair and its features. About the X Rocker Chair, I never knew that it was wrapped in bonded leather, pretty interesting to know. Very well put together review of your products.

    1. Hi Josh!
      Thank you very much, I appreciate it. The GT racing chair is so interesting I had to share it with everyone. Thanks for the the comment

  2. I like the DxRacer, it looks to be very comfortable for long periods of time.
    My boyfriend is a major gamer, and can stay glued for hours at a time, I think I will need to invest in one to make his gaming sessions more comfortable.

    1. That is great! Tell your boyfriend to check us out, he’ll feel right at home here. If he picks up the DX Racer I would love to know what he thinks of it. Thank you for the comment.

  3. Thanks for a very informative post – I had no idea that buying chairs just for gaming was even an option. Looks like these chairs would also be great for people who just work for extended amounts of time at the computer too :). I will be checking these out.

    1. I am really glad that I was able to show you a couple of new things with chairs. You are correct, people can use these chairs for extended periods of time in front of the computer. If you pick up one of these chairs let me know what you think about it! Thanks for the comment.

  4. Some great looking chairs there my friend, but expensive!

    I particularly like the GTRacing chair, oh and the price too but surely wouldn’t you find yourself nodding off all the time because of comfort. If there was a Ferrari of chairs that ones it!

    I used to love games but I’m going back a few years now, Galaxian, Space Invaders etc and remember the Atari console. Had some great times but nowadays the games can just go on for what seems like an eternity and a great chair has to be top of the list.

    1. Hey Mick!

      You are not wrong my friend, these chairs do tend to run a bit pricey these days. That is for good reason though, for the most part. I agree the GTRacing chair is a great chair! I have heard nothing but good things from those who own one. I grew up on Nintendo and the classics like Space Invaders so you sir come from a great time in gaming history. Thank you for checking out my article, hopefully, it gave you some ideas on chairs to refer to anyone you may know that is a gamer

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