Geek Gift Ideas : For The Ones You Love

I have been thinking a lot lately and it made my brain hurt. The biggest thing on my mind was, should I put my Tri-Force lamp next to my Computer or next to my Systems? This bothered me for quite some time, so I put it next to my computer and was done with it. Which brings me to what I really want to talk to you about today, what do most gamers love besides gaming? Collecting things about gaming! From hats and shirts to magnets and Tri-Force lamps (I really love my lamp). When it comes to that special Gamer in your life, you want to get them something you know they will love.

So Instead of having to scour the internet for hours I have put together a few things from one of the best stores out there for collectors of all things awesome, Think Geek. They have just about anything you can ask for, I picked up my lamp from there, got a nice Hylian shield magnet and even picked up a legend of Zelda backpack in the shape of the Hylian shield.

Enlightening Lamps

Now I don’t want anyone being jealous of my lamp, so I figured I would bring to “light” these great looking lamps here. Lamps do a bit more than just help someone see better at nighttime. Yes, that is their primary function but with the right kind of lamp, you can really put together the look of a computer station, living room or bedroom.

LED Potion Desk Lamp by ThinkGeek

The first lamp is an LED potion lamp. For those gamers big into RPGs this one is right up your alley, as long as you don’t keep it in your pocket for later use. We’ve all had those games where you feel like you went through gallons of potion going toe to toe against the meanest and baddest boss of your life to find out afterward it was only a level 5 boss and you needed the EXP to get to level 3. Sure those moments are difficult but you look forward to leveling up more to come back and beat the snot out of that level 5 boss. Life is the same way, looking at that potion LED lamp will remind you that you’re leveling up and you can take on anything. The lamp is touch activated, so when you touch the bottle on the base you can have the colors change between the solid colors or you can have a nice slow fade between them all. The lamp stands at 7 inches tall and is about 4 inches in diameter and weighs in around 1 and 1/2 pounds. The only downside to this one is there isn’t an on/off button, you’ll have to unplug it to turn it off. If you can look past that then you or your favorite spell caster will love it. (Click on the picture above to buy now!).

Legend of Zelda Triforce Light

If you’re looking to be the next Hero of Hyrule the best lamp out there, at least I think so, is the Tri-Force lamp. This little light will awaken the dormant powers that lay within you, giving you the strength of the Hero of Time, the courage of The Hero Of Twilight and the endurance of The Hero of Terminia for putting up with a 40 something-year-old Tingle. Ok, so it might not do all of that, like at all. It will, however, look really nice next to your Nintendo systems. One of the best things about this lamp is the Hyrule Crest projects out of two sides of the Tri-Force. It is an officially licensed product of The Legend Of Zelda and better yet this lamp has an on/off button! It also takes AAA batteries in case you don’t feel like having to plug into the computer or an outlet. If you’re looking to save Hyrule or just looking to light up your apartment, this is a good one to pick up. (Click on the picture above to buy now!).

Interesting Hang-ables

Borderlands Hand-Painted Framed Resin Masks - Psycho Bandit

Lamps may not be what you’re looking for and that’s why we should mix it up a little. Welcome back to the planet of Pandora where you will find nothing is as you had left it from your last visit. There is no more claptrap or fortune to go hunting for, all you have is a big screen TV and a nice couch calling your name. To spruce up your little slice of Pandora you might want to look into these hand-painted framed resin masks. These masks are artfully painted and very detailed. The mask itself stands around 7 inches and is permanently mounted in a shadow box for display that stands around 8 inches tall and 10 inches wide. You have your choice between either handsome Jack or a psycho bandit. These are officially licensed Borderlands Merch and would make any minion, I mean a fan of the Borderlands series proud to hang them on their wall. Think about the future of Pandora, go out and buy one. Tell Clap Trap Aj sent ya. (Click on the picture above to buy now!).

Super Nintendo Controller Wall Art Set

Those of you who have more of a refined taste in the modern art and are looking for something to give their game room that certain something it needs. Look no further than at this modern piece of a piece of classic gaming. The SNES controller will live on in gaming and you too can show your appreciation for the classical arts by buying this three-piece wall art set. This, of course, is officially licensed by Nintendo, because we would all be in big trouble if it weren’t. Each of the pieces is 19 inches tall and 13 inches wide with 1 1/4 inch wide frames. The images are printed on chipboard and each image has a vintage distressed look to it. For those who love Nintendo and believe the SNES controller was the best there ever was and will be, buy this and hang it up right over your Tri-Force lamp. You’ll thank me later. (Click on the picture above to buy now!).

Rest Time With Pokemon

Pokémon Snorlax Bean Bag Chair by ThinkGeek

For all the Pokemon trainers out there, which of you secretly have wanted to take a long nap with Snorlax? Don’t lie, we all do! With this bean bag Snorlax, you now have that chance to take all the naps with one of the original 150 Pokemon. He is a big guy in the game and the show so it is no surprise he stands at 4 feet tall and is about 40 inches wide. The material is polyester on the outside and is filled with cotton and polyester material on the inside. Good for taking naps, laying down and getting some reading done or even just to throw a Pokeball at and try to catch him (Pokeball not included). He may be a big bean bag but you know it’s worth buying him and adding him to that Pokemon collection you have going on there. I mean, who doesn’t want a Snorlax in their life right? (Click on the picture above to buy now!).

Pokémon Bed-In-A-Bag - Full

If Snorlax doesn’t do anything for you then you can always look into the King of the Pocket monsters, Pikachu. Do you want to be the very best? That no one ever was? Ever wanted to know how it feels like being inside a Pokeball? Yea, it’s not part of the theme song but more of a legitimate question. If yes, then look no further because you won’t get much closer than this bed set. After a long day of walking around looking for the best Pokemon to catch and train, you want a comfortable bed to lay down on. This set comes with everything you need; you have your comforter, fitted sheet, flat sheet, pillowcase(s), standard sham(s), and a decorative pillow. The decorative pillow is non-other than Pikachu of course. This is 100% polyester material and will fit on Twin size beds, Full size, and Queen size beds. If you have a loved one out there who is looking to add a little something to their Pokemon themed bedroom, go and buy this bed set for them. This is the perfect topping for any Pokemon room around. (Click on the picture above to buy now!).

That’s All Folks

These are only some of the interesting things that are out there at Think Geek, hopefully, this was able to help give you a few ideas on the next thing you can buy for that special someone in your life. Be it a family member, friend or significant other. They will appreciate you thinking about them, while you’re at it you can pick something up for yourself too. You deserve it. Thank you for checking out my article for these items you can go and pick your loved ones, please let me know what you think in the comments down below. Do you have any of these items? If so, let me know what you think about them below, I would love to hear your thoughts. Take care everyone.






6 Replies to “Geek Gift Ideas : For The Ones You Love”

  1. Now those are some of the coolest things I have ever seen. Guess I am a geek! I need one of those lamps. Wow. Great finds by you. You should have a buy now button next to each item or where they can be purchased. Maybe that’s in the pipeline. Lots of girls would love that pokeman bean bag.

    1. Welcome to club Geek my friend! All are welcome. if you want to pick any of these up just click the picture and it will bring you right to the site to buy, you will not be disappointed. Thank you for the comment!

  2. Wow, great piece! I love the lamps so much as kids will appreciate anything that changes color like a chameleon. I think all moms like me should go after those lamps to make our kids love and stay more in their rooms. What a great idea for givers!

    1. Hi Shalom!
      I agree kids will absolutely love those kinds of lamps! Anytime you want any more gift ideas, let me know 🙂 Thanks for the comment!

  3. Hi AJ,
    You just gave me so many ideas for the next Christmas.
    We have 2 boys and it is always a headache for me to pick the right presents for them. And I am not a huge supporter of presenting money or gift cards!
    Both kids enjoy playing video games! Your post gave me a variety of great option on what I could get them for Christmas!

    1. Hi there Anna!
      I am really glad I can help with some Christmas present ideas. I know the holidays can be pretty rough trying to figure out what everyone would enjoy. If you end up getting them the big Snorlax let me know what you think! Thanks for the comment

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