God of War for PS4 Review

My Experience with the God of war franchise started when I met my brother-in-law. He is one of the biggest fans of Kratos I have ever known and even rivals me with how I am with the Legend of Zelda games (and I am a pretty big fan).  The man has even beaten some of the games on God difficulty. He had somehow convinced me that the games were awesome so, after some persuasion, I started playing the first two games.  Now, I liked the whole idea of taking the Greek God’s story line but the game play to me seemed too damn repetitive.  God of War 3 was my first real introduction to the series because a) I bought it on my own without too much of his persuasion and b) my brother-in-law and I were competing to see who can beat it faster. Ah a time before we both had kids.

Now I will try my best to not to give any spoilers. But if I do give any I will let you know with a big “SPOILERS” warning.  I knew God of War for the PS4 was coming out but I wasn’t keeping up with any of the details. I might have seen the first trailer, then I decided to go pre order it. God of War was released a little less than a month ago.


Game play

God of War’s game play was definitely interesting. When I first jumped into the game I was under the impression that it was similar to the others, as I continued through I saw how wrong I was. The game was no longer a hack and slash which is a great change of pace for the series as a whole. The game features an over-the-shoulder free camera that follows behind Kratos. The combat was a little awkward at first but after dispatching a few enemies I was able to get a feel for the combat. The game mixed the different elements from previous games along with different elements from traditional RPGs. Combat is more deliberate and precise. Not crazy fast paced like other games in the series.  Probably the best feature and my personal favorite in any video game to date is the one shot camera. For those who may not know, the one shot camera I am speaking about means that cut scenes and playing the game are done in one continuous shot. The entire game is shot this way. I didn’t realize this until about half-way through the game.


As you progress through the game, you will face creatures from Norse mythology. It is a welcome change from the creatures of previous games that are from Greek mythology.  Kratos no longer carries his iconic chained weapon-the Blades of Chaos. He carries a magical battle axe, named the Leviathan, which is infused with ice elemental magic. Kratos also has a Guardian Shield that is at his disposal, it works similar to the golden fleece in previous entries in the series. Kratos’ son Atreus has a bow and can aide in the fray by stunning enemies. Game mechanics are reminiscent to Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild and Resident Evil 4. It is definitely one of the games greatest strengths.


Dad and Boy

God of War’s main story is a compelling one. The story starts out as a father and son’s quest to bring their wife/mothers ashes to the highest point in all the realms. That was her dying request. The relationship between Atreus and Kratos is a complicated one.  Kratos has his moments trying to be a great dad but for the most part he teaches Atreus to act more like a soldier. I think he does this so he can prepare Atreus for life’s hardships in this world. Then you are catapulted into the main story of the game. God of War’s story follows a great story line arc. There are some side missions if you choose to complete. I am one of those people that would much rather continue the story arc than stray off the path.


Most of the time I was at the edge of my seat. The story was so compelling that I would start playing right after my kids went to sleep around 8ish. Then I realize that it is 2 am, whoops. At least I can take pride in being a quiet gamer. The story has a lot of twists and turns. It was like watching a TV series through multiple episodes and seasons. It took me about 30 – 40 hours to complete. This is one of my favorite story lines in a video game to date. That last statement was very hard for me to say about a PlayStation game as a big Nintendo and Xbox fan.


RPG Mechanics

I was pleasantly surprised that it was more RPG than beat ’em up. This is a great change to the series, I liked the idea of upgrading everything, from the Leviathan axe to Atreus’ bow and armor. You better your attributes by placing talismans into sockets to improve your equipment. The Huldra brothers Brok and Sindri are a pair of dwarves who appear at various points in the world and help Kratos and Atreus with forging new gear. Seeing these guys always gives me a sigh of relief as they help me improve my arsenal. Like with any good RPG element there’s the tree system for upgrading the attack effects and combos for Kratos. It’s a fun wrinkle in the grand scheme of things. Being able to change up your combos/make them stronger and improving them is awesome.  It was nice when I was going up against a tough enemy. I could adjust some talismans or gear to increase my defense or increase my frost resistance. Over all, it is a great change of pace.

Final Thoughts

Hey I think I did a good job of not giving any spoilers! God of War is a must have for anyone who owns a PS4 and who is mature enough for an M-rated game. This game is the complete package, perfect cinematically, amazing game play and perfect story that keeps you up on the edge of your seat throughout the game. Kratos is one of those really amazing characters that has a tough time dealing with his past.  Atreus is a great support character that wants nothing more than to prove himself to his father.  Overall this game exceeded all of my expectations. It definitely is one of my top games of all time. Everything about it is amazing in my opinion. God of War is just one of those games where I want to jump back in and unlock everything.  I wouldn’t be surprised if God of War wins Game of the Year.

All4Gamerz rates God of War a 10/10. Perfect experience from start to finish.

-Matt a.k.a Devotedsaint.


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