Improve First Person Shooter Skills : Some tips on how to not die so quickly

Improve first person shooter skills : Some tips on how to not die so quickly

Welcome to the Thunder Dome

The first thing you need to do just like any online competitive game is get a lay of the land. Most times you don’t know the area you are playing, that will make it even easier for people to come right up behind you and kill you. This will take some time.

Within a few matches you will start to remember re-spawn points. Cache locations. The best sniper hideouts, etc. We recommend when playing an unfamiliar stage, to just take a tour. At the end of the day, you’re playing a video game. It’s supposed to be fun! Run around and become more familiar with the area. Be warned though. You might get shot up… a lot.

Once you get the feel for any map, you will be on even playing ground with just about everybody. No longer will you be lost and afraid. No longer will you be wondering what is coming around the corner. You’ll be ready and able to take your stand. Just make sure you do more than stand. You might want to run a bit too.



Run and Gun

Now that you are a lot more familiar with the map, it comes down to the basics of shooting your weapon of choice. Different shooters have different guns of course. The best thing to do is to try ALL OF THEM. Yes, all of them. There is a reason why people are able to out class a lot of the competition online. They have spent hours playing with a lot of different guns, so they know what to choose for each map. Some stick with just one gun, which is just fine but you want to know which gun is best for you.

You want to figure out your play style. Do you like hiding in the shadows? Do you like to do some recon? Or are you an all out foot soldier? While figure out which play style best suits you, you’ll be able to pick out the best weapon for yourself as well.

While find your best weapon, it will then be time to customize. Most shooters allow you to build on your weapon. This is going to be similar with choosing your gun. Play around with all the options that are given to you and you will eventually have your weapon of mass pwnage.


The Iron Curtain

Just like from the end of world war 2 to the end of the cold war, you want to separate your self from the enemy. If you don’t get the reference then don’t worry. Most shooters you play do not have a metric ton of armor for you to use. There is typically just enough to keep you going throughout the match or none at all. That is where cover comes into play. We know you want to go out guns blazing but that is one of the best ways to draw attention to yourself and get killed. Unless you decided to become the sacrificial lamb, which in that case go for it.

Taking cover is vital to staying alive during any online match. It allows you to take a breather and survey the surroundings. While catch your breath you’re able to figure out a better strategy a lot of the time. Just remember though, you if stay in cover too long someone can find you and attack while you’re not expecting it. By the same token, staying in cover for a short period might not be long enough to throw someone off your back. The more you play the game you will find out how long you should stay in cover. Just remember to not keep your self exposed. You want that win? Duck and cover.


The Running Man

Lets re-cap. We have established a few things. Get the lay of the land. Find the best gun that works for your play style. Most importantly, make sure to get to cover. With all of that under your belt you are on your way to become one of the greats!! This is the part where you put all of that together with one of the best tips as well. Make sure you keep moving!

Movement is just as vital as taking cover in shooters. You want to make sure it is difficult for your opponent to hit you. If yo stay in one place for too long you become a sitting duck. That’s not to say that if you are moving that you won’t be shot and killed. You might. A lot. With constant movement you are able to bring the fight to the enemy. It works both ways. If they see you, they will fire. Because you’re constantly pushing forward, hiding behind cover and know the map so well that gives you an opportunity. They just revealed their position. Time to take aim with your gun and win some matches.



Putting everything together

With any video game this is going to take some time. We don’t guarantee overnight success. It will take time and hours of playing to improve. That’s part of the fun though. We can’t stress this enough, you’re playing a video game. Have fun with it! You spent your hard-earned money, or your parents hard-earned money, for an experience. For any reason if you start to become angry with the game or frustrated at the amount of times you died in one match, take a deep breath and calm your self down. When you’re calm, boot it back up and get right back into it. We might go as far as putting another game in for the time being. This way you can get your mind off of things for a little while. You owe it to yourself to practice and be the best you can be all while having fun. We hope these tips have helped you out and we look forward to all the war stories.




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