Is Monster Hunter World Coop Doomed?

With Monster Hunter Worlds PC release many fans of the series have begun to flood the servers. The game was built to allow players to hop in and out of missions and help other hunters take down various monsters together. However, the PC release that was being carefully developed for over 8 months posts the release of the console version, is proving to be problematic. Many of the PC customers are noticing that the game is having game breaking connectivity issues.

What are the issues?

While most players might enjoy playing alone, other players that enjoy taking down monsters with friends are being plagued with connectivity issues. While in an online session, An error message will pop up and say that their connection has been lost, following with a disconnect from the current mission. Later game missions can take up to 30 minutes to complete. That error message is the last thing that you want to see. On top of being kicked out of a session, A disconnected hunter will lose out on any end of hunt rewards that they worked for. In a game about hunting monsters online and collecting rewards with friends, a bug like this can be catastrophic to its reputation.

The connectivity issues are just the tip of the iceberg. Other taxing issues with Monster Hunter are starting to rear their ugly head. The port is showing its true colors by not being completely optimized for the PC. The setting named “Volume Rendering Quality” has been shown to tax your computer’s hardware for an insignificant payoff in visual detail. It is recommended that any user getting a low frame rate should lower, if not turn off, the setting altogether. There is also a bug that causes a full crash while tabbing into the game. A crash during a 30-minute-long hunt is just demoralizing and frustrating to the player base.

With most of these bugs only affecting players, there is also one that is probably annoying the hell out of your friends. I’m sure if you have any friends playing Monster Hunter on steam you know about this bug. For some reason, the steam notification that lets you know your friends are starting up a game will continuously pop up. It typically will launch the notification on startup of any game, this is not the case, however. The message will display once every minute or so. This bug isn’t necessarily a game breaking issue, but it is extremely annoying to anyone that is on your friend’s list.

Why is this happening?

Capcom has released an official statement on the matter via steam.

We have been receiving numerous reports that players are experiencing connection errors several times after they depart on quests. We are currently investigating the cause of this and are working with Valve to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

We will keep you informed of further developments in this matter. We thank you for your patience and apologize for the inconvenience this has caused.

With no official cause of these issues, Capcom will need to react quickly to find them before they lose their player base.

As I had stated in my previous Monster Hunter article back in July, Capcom was planning on implementing an infamous DRM system named Denuvo DRM. This has been proven to affect PC player’s frame rate while also offering little to no protection against game crackers in the past. While there is no proof that this is the cause of the many problems plaguing players, some forums call for its removal.

What can I do to fix it?

While most of the fixes are band-aids on a stab wound, Here are some quick things you can try to do to run Monster Hunter World a little smoother.

1. Turn down Volume Rendering Quality

Like I said in the first section, Turning off Volume Rendering Quality in your settings shows a vast improvement in frame rate. I gained at least 10 frames by shutting it off completely. The setting gives a noticeable sheen over textures in the world, but it is not noticeable enough to lose out on a stable frame rate. To do this, go to the main menu. Then select display, advanced options, scroll down to “Volume Rendering Quality” and turn it off. You should see a rise in frame rate once you start the game. I was able to run the game on High settings after turning this setting off.

2. Roll back to Nvidia’s 398.36 driver

According to Kirk Hamilton at Kotaku, he has heard that some users have seen an improvement in overall quality after rolling back to an old Nvidia driver.

3. Run the game in Borderless Windowed mode

A typical fix to most games problems is to run it in borderless windowed mode. I usually run games in this mode to easily tab in and out of games to change a song or respond to an email. However, Tabbing out of Monster Hunter World can cause a full crash of the game, so be careful.

4. Download steam user, Kaldaien’s Special K Mod

The mod fixes many of the strenuous issues between your computer and Monster Hunter World. It also offers an in-game menu with some fancy tools to help you improve your performance. you can download that here. Just follow the instructions on the post and make sure you give Kaldaien a shout out to anyone with issues on Monster Hunter World.

What does this mean for the game?

So is Monster Hunter Worlds Coop doomed? Not one bit. Even with the connectivity issues, I have been able to play around 20 hours already and only had a mid-hunt drop once or twice. It was annoying sure, but in the grand scale of things, the good outweighs the bad. Most of the time I would restart my game and all would be fixed. I hope that this problem isn’t turning too many people away from this game because it is still one of the best games I have played this year.

Before we grab our pitchforks and torches, we need to remember that the game has only been out for a week. Sadly, most games that are coming out nowadays are works in progress. We just need to understand that some bugs may be undetectable until a worldwide launch occurs. Hopefully, a patch will be released in no time.



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