MOTHERGUNSHIP: A 3-D Bullet Hell at its Finest


Released on July 17th, MOTHERGUNSHIP has quickly found its way into my heart. MOTHERGUNSHIP was developed and published by Grip Digital with co-developer TerriblePosture Games. The game takes the fast-paced, never stop moving, first-person shooter genera and adds a unique twist. You make your own tools of destruction! Endless rooms of randomized enemies throw you into different situations that will put your skills to the test. Let’s take an in-depth look at the newest addition to steams rising stars.

Where to Begin…

This game has so many sides to it. You are a soldier of the resistance against a “kleptomaniac data-hoarding robot alien invaders.” Your head was taken from a destroyed earth and given a new shiny robotic body. Not only does your body let you move, jump, and punch, it lets you shoot a lot of big guns.

Each of your deadly fists can hold a “personalized” gun. Shotguns, rocket launchers, flamethrowers, or even cannons can all be a part of your arsenal. The only problem is that each gun requires energy to fire. The energy does regenerate, but it can leave you vulnerable to countermeasures. Each hand has its own energy supply so use it wisely. One more thing about your mech, I never said that it could only hold one gun at a time. By equipping a piece called a Connector, you can connect multiple guns onto one arm. The connectors can hold from 2-4+ guns at a time. Other slots on the connector can be used to install modifications or Caps. These contraptions allow you to gain some positive benefits to your weapon. These include bonus damage, critical chance, bullet bounce, and added firing speed. This is all a quick way to boost your DPS without needing to add an additional gun.

Just make sure that your new gun doesn’t take too much energy to fire. Even if to can kill a single enemy in one shot, you will have to wait sometime to fire it again.


This is Bullet Hell

Now that you have crafted your lovely weapon, let’s give’em a try! You will start a level with nothing but a couple of pieces that you bring to the battlefield. I prefer bringing my heavy RPG for groups of enemies and turrets. I also bring a minigun to get the robots that fly. Any loot that you acquire in the level will be stored for you to use in other levels. Likewise, anything that you have when you die will be lost. For the most part, each level has you travel from room to room killing enemies in your way. The enemies vary from turrets that shoot rockets, living mines that move toward you, robots that have a shield to protect others, and A Literal WALL OF GUNS. Before moving on to the next room, stop and check for a shop. Other than health and upgrades, enemies drop a currency that can be traded in for more firepower. Using the currency at a shop can give you an edge against the horde of robots.

The run & gun first-person shooter is my favorite type of shooter because it never gets boring. Sitting and waiting for your health to recover is not enjoyable. Killing an enemy then being awarded health is much more fun. It rewards the player for being risky and doing what is expected of them, killing everything! Though this is the case, the game perfectly paces itself. Once you destroyed every robot in a room, you have some time to get yourself together. If you realize that you don’t have enough gun power to get through another room, find a shop. If you are running low on health take some time to look for some hidden health in the walls or on the ground. After you’ve collected yourself, you can continue on to the next room. Pick any room they all eventually lead you to the end of the level. There are different types of doors that you can go through. One is a challenge door. It will add a task to the next room you enter. That being said, the room will often be more difficult. If you complete the task, you are rewarded with some extra cash to spend. Some levels also have a boss room. These bosses are sure to pack a punch and are also labeled with a scary red hologram so be sure to bring your best guns.

Keep’em Entertained

In between levels or rooms there is some witty banter between the many characters in the game. The colonel is your superior and has a childlike brain. He keeps things interesting and humble. He is put in line by Wilkinson, the chief engineer. She keeps the story going smoothly when the colonel goes on tangents. There are a couple of more characters that have funny interactions with each other that get thrown in as you progress.

The banter between characters keeps you looking forward to moving on to the next room. While the game loads, they will make sure you know what is happening as you progress.

While in between missions, You can access parts of the ship. One are lets you upgrade your much. Your much can acquire faster move speed, more jumps, and health boosts. Another room lets you try out some gun parts before you use them on the battlefield. There is also a shooting range to try out your perfect beast. A stowaway can also be found to purchase some extra goodies if you have the coin.


MOTHERGUNSHIP is the definition of fun. Keeping track of where every enemy is and what type of enemy they are, makes fights exciting. They all have a unique look to them so you know what they do and what you need to deal with first. Its ability to transfer from a battle to a gun crafting simulator helps pace the game and also gives a unique experience to everyone who plays. The banter between characters keeps you looking forward to the next scene while clearing the room. The voice-overs are amazing and should not be skipped, that is unless you are really itching to destroy more robots. It’s a great game to pick up and play even if just for a few minutes at a time.


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