Parkasaurus: A Quick Look at Steam’s Newest Dino Park Simulator

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After coming across Parkasaurus on Steam, I quickly fell in love with the unique design of the simulator. It is simple yet deep. Parkasaurus keeps you entertained the whole way through and doesn’t seem to quit giving you more things to strive for. This quirky simulator should be picked up by anyone that enjoys Animal Crossing’s tenderness and City Skyline’s attention to detail. It is a game that gives you exactly what you want from it.

Makin’ Bacon

Congratulations! You are now the sole owner of a “definitely original” conceptualized Dinosaur Theme Park. This will only make you richer both in character and capital. Absolutely nothing can go wrong as you venture toward scientific advancements and wealth. You will attain the love of all involved and definitely not sell overpriced hot dogs to earn positive profit margins. Through your wealth, you can attain more assets to expand and diversify your park! At the end of the day, this is a business. So get out there and show them a great time so they donate some of that green paper.

A Paradise for Dinosaurs and Dinosaur Lovers Alike!

No one will visit your park unless you have some of those big money-making beasts to attract them. You start off with some herbivorous dinos since they are somewhat docile. Simply make a fence, fill that exhibit with some grass, add some foliage and shu-boom you have a perfect home for your little beasts. Now all you need is to hire someone to take care of the creatures and you are all set. The guests enjoy watching them run around in their exhibits and will donate liberally if entertained. While you might think that your dinosaurs being happy is the most important part of caring for your park, the real trouble is keeping the patrons satisfied.

Sometimes, the real beasts are outside of the exhibits. The monsters throw trash on the ground and mess up those port-o-potties beyond recognition. For this reason, you will need to hire some janitors to make sure your park stays in tip-top shape.

Tools for the Job

Everyone knows in a game like this the UI makes or breaks the experience. Luckily, Parkasaurus offers a manageable user interface. There are two interfaces that you will be interacting with while playing, The park interface and the management interface.

The Park interface, as it suggests, is the interface you will be using while editing your park. In this interface, You can direct employees, Create new exhibits, and remove unwanted objects.

The Management interface allows you to look into more detailed things like Hiring employees, gaining upgrades, playing a mini game to excavate fossils for more dinosaurs, buy food hats and gems, and everyones favorite, spread sheets!

Overall the two interfaces seemingly blend after playing for an hour. Casual players will have no trouble and hardcore spread sheet gamers will enjoy the depth that some of the pages offer.

Later game expectations

After a good 4-5 hours of play time, you will fully grasp the concept of what you need to make a well-oiled machine of a park. In no time, crowds of people will want to stroll in the park to make their day better. Once established with your parks design you will probably realize that your park is designed horrifically, but that’s OK. You can always fix the design even while having the park open. So after a couple of fruitful days, you can begin work on redesigning the park.

Since the game is still in Alpha, you can get access to most of the content within the first 5 hours or so. So both the science and care tree will be maxed out by the 5-hour mark. This is fine however since that means you have access to the full customization options before completely finishing your park. To save some time and money while designing your park, there is an ability to upgrade an outdated object for less cash than making a new one. So once you unlock a new tier of bench or bathroom, you can just upgrade it rather than replace it.

Attention to Detail

like I said before, if you look for depth there is a lot this game has to offer. You can set prices for everything including tickets, food, and merchandise. If you want to really get into the nitty-gritty, most of the late game food options give customers that eat there a perk. Some perks make them donate to a specific dinosaur’s exhibit while others are more general and make it so they stay longer. Placing food establishments strategically can benefit your overall profit. However, if this is not your style you can just jack up the price of tickets and still make a killing as long as your dinosaurs are visible.

The customization details in the game really help to put your own unique spin on your park. You can change the color options on all the buildings to make them match a theme. You can also put an array of different rocks, trees, and shrubs in your displays to give it some variation. On top of that, there are many decorations that you can put around your park to help arrange a theme in particular areas. The decorations also give the visitors a sense of wonder and will reflect in their review. The depth of Parkasaurus is immense and will leave you with enough to keep you busy for a while.


Parkasaurus is a simple yet deep dinosaur park simulator. It gives you exactly what you want to get from it. All the attention to detail can be seen in the pure and enjoyable game play. The cute and quirky graphics are welcoming but don’t let that fool you. I guarantee that if you pick this game up you will not be disappointed with its simplicity or overwhelmed with its depth. I would recommend this for veterans and beginners alike. Washbear hit it out of the park. Parkasaurus should be echoed as a guideline on how to make a sim game expansive yet inviting to everyone.

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