Spider-Man release date. Finally!

We obviously love video games. We’re more into console gaming but still like PC just fine. We have been following the newest Spider-Man game for the PS4 for quite some time now. This game was revealed all the way back in 2016. Finally after waiting with bated breath the release date has been dropped. Drum roll please…..This September 7th 2018 we can now fly through the streets as the Amazing wall crawler we love. This game is set to be fantastic. The new game is going to be how Spider-Man 2 for the PS2 back in the day gave us that super hero feeling. Swinging through the streets of New York in an open world like never before. You bet your bottom dollar we will be pre-ordering this game and playing it until completion. Weather you buy video games online or like to go to your local Game Stop, we highly suggest to pick up this hot title when it drops this September.

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