Sushi Strikers: Homerun or Strikeout

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Welcome to the world of Sushi Striker: The Way of Sushido. This action-puzzle game, developed and published by Nintendo, was released worldwide for the Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo Switch on June 8, 2018. Sushi Striker takes place in a land where the empire has made sushi forbidden. Our protagonist Musashi, either a boy or girl, is an orphan growing up in this sushi-less world and must fight in sushi battles to topple the reign of the empire. When I first heard about Sushi Striker: The Way of Sushido I thought it was going to be another tile-matching game. But this game has way more depth than I originally thought. In this article, I will express some of my likes and dislikes in the two big aspects of the game: the story and game mechanics.

A story in a Puzzle Game?

Now I know some of you may be saying ” its a puzzle game how can it have a story?” Nintendo has a history of turning a small character into a huge franchise. Case and point Mario, he was originally in a little arcade game called “Donkey Kong”. Nintendo saw an opportunity to make Mario the main character of one of the longest-running franchises in history. This is why Sushi Striker fits within Nintendo, a crazy simple game to pick up with a fun and interesting story. As I briefly stated before the story follows a young orphan named Musashi, boy or girl again you choose, as he/she tries to liberate this world from the sushi op pressers. Some of these oppressors are the Insane muscle man General Kodiak and the Evil Emperor, just to name a few. Each interaction that the characters have is an entertaining and crazy experience. Many of the rival captains and underlings have unique designs that are straight up ridiculous. As you progress through the missions you unlock/gain different items to help you on your journey. Some items will make your experience harder or easier depending on what you want to use. One example is the Training Black Belt, if you set this as you prepared item you will begin the battle with half health but it will increase your score 1.5 times. This is just one example of the crazy items you can get.

Before every mission, there is a small interaction between Musashi and the character he will sometimes be battling, it helps push the story forward but at times it gets to be annoying. These interactions between Musashi and a unique character are the ones I watch. These mini cut scenes remind me of an anime show, funny, crazy, and zany. I can’t wait to see what other encounters Musashi has. Some interactions with the underlings are underwhelming, too long. I didn’t like having to scroll through 5 minutes or so of pointless conversation to get to a 2-minute battle. I found myself trying to skip most of those interactions. Now the story follows a distinct path. Not many deviations from the main quest line. Which is fine with me, I tend to get lost in side quests. There are about 150 different missions so Musashi will be eating a lot of sushi.

Game Mechanics

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Sushi Striker might come off as a simple tile matching game, but don’t judge this game by its appearance. I was blown away by how much depth is in this game. There are so many factors going into each battle that will either help or hinder you. In each sushi battle, the screen has seven “lanes” filled with sushi plates, three lanes are yours, three are you opponents and one lane is shared. The object of each sushi battle is to link the same colored plates of sushi together, the higher you link the higher you stack the plates, after gathering the plates you can throw them at your opponent to decrease their HP. The controls are simple, it’s just the press of a button to start the link and you rotate the joystick to the same colored plate. Sometimes I felt that the belts went too fast for me to even see which color I wanted to get.

In Sushi Strikers, Musashi is aided by the “Sushi Sprites” which are creatures that make the sushi and help the strikers to fight the empire to make sushi enjoyed by all. Each sushi sprite has a unique ability that you can use in the sushi battle. An ability one of the sprites has is to change the color of all visible plates to one color. Another ability is to change all visible plates of sushi into dessert plates to regain some health. As a sushi striker, you are allowed to have three separate sprites with you in battle at a time. There are so many combos of sprites each with their own abilities. Each sprite can also awaken and/or ascend to different forms. Some sprites require you to progress through the story, others require you to level them up similar to how Pokemon evolve.

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Who Wants a Doggy Bag?

Sushi Striker: The Way of Sushido is a funny and crazy tile puzzle game. The game is still keeping me entertained. Each time I start playing I find a new sprite or a new power item to enhance my time to eat all those sushi plates. Man, I have heartburn already. I have a feeling this is going to be a cult classic for years to come. Sushi Striker has some flaws. Some interaction before the battles can be a little too long. And sometimes the controls are too simple and lose its appeal. But it is still quick to pick up kind of game that will leave you wanting to have some sushi for dinner. If you want to try this game check out the Nintendo E-shop they have a demo to give you a little taste.

All4Gamerz Rate Sushi Striker: The Way of Sushido an 8/10 a Solid puzzle game with a great story. Go and buy Sushi Strikers today using the pictures down below!

-Matt a.k.a Devotedsaint




3 Replies to “Sushi Strikers: Homerun or Strikeout”

  1. Hey Matt!
    Wow those graphics, Sushi Striker reminds very much of Diner Dash! I think I’ll get hungry for sushi everytime I play Sushi Striker but it does look nice.

    Does it have split screen to play 2 players in one console though? Would love to play this with my cousins when they come over 😀

    1. Hey Riaz.

      Thanks for the comment. You can play two person on one console and its not split screen. One plays on the top part of the screen and the other will be on the bottom. I haven’t personally done it but I have seen others play it this way and it looks cool. 


  2. Hi, Matt!
    Great post about Sushi Striker game, very detailed. I can tell from reading this post you enjoy playing games and that is great.
    Wish you all the best!

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