A New Verison on the Block: Minecraft Switch Edition



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Minecraft has been around for nearly ten years. My nephew was the first person to introduce me to Minecraft a couple years ago. He showed me a game that reminded me of Lego. Minecraft did look a little childish but hell I am a huge kid and I don’t want to grow up (RIP Toy’R’Us). It looked fun, so my first experience was with the Xbox 360 versions. It was fun but not a lot of my friends played. Then other games started getting released and I stopped playing. Minecraft for the Nintendo Switch was first released on May 2017. When Minecraft came to the Nintendo Switch I knew I had to try this once again. After sinking about 50 hours I think I have given it a chance. I consider myself a creative person but I am also my harshest critic, so when I build in the game I go through at least four to five revisions before I am happy. As of a week or so ago Mojang, the developer, and producer, released the physical version and added some newer features. Anyone that downloaded it from the E-shop before the physical release was able to download the new update for free.


What is New?

With the update cross-play was enabled. Now Nintendo Switch players can connect to their Xbox Live accounts and play with anyone that has a version of Minecraft. Sony was the only company that doesn’t want to be involved in the cross-platform play. This also enables Xbox achievements, I just wished that they would’ve carried over the unlocked achievements I already unlocked. But I can’t cry over that, back to mining for that cobblestone. One of the newer features that wasn’t included before the update was the catalog, it has every thing you can craft in the game. This gives you the ability to see what you need to craft that particular item. It was a feature that took me around 2 hours to get use to. I still find myself going into the wrong menus still after having about 10 hours under my belt. These are some of the differences that I have noticed.

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Is Minecraft Worth It?

Minecraft is some of the best bang for your buck, just because of the almost infinite amount of things one can build. There is a boss you can defeat, but it isn’t necessary to have fun. Most video games on the market now follow a specific formula. Good story, amazing graphics, and killer gameplay. Minecraft doesn’t follow any of that. This game makes me feel like I am in a 3D 8-bit world, which you could argue that it is. When I play I often get lost and lose track of time. This game brings me back to being 10 years old, hanging out with my friends in the backyard with a bag of tape and a bunch of cardboard boxes making tunnels. Mining in Minecraft is very similar by allowing anyone to express themselves and be creative. Minecraft for the Nintendo Switch is $29.99 which is worth it because it is half the price of a normal “AAA” game, with way more things to discover and create.


Mining Or Zombie Killing

In Minecraft one must mine, a shocker I know, to gather materials to create a house to protect you from the monsters found throughout the game. This will act as a hub to gather the materials to make weapons and armor. Minecraft can be played in a number of different modes but on the Nintendo Switch has just two: Creative, where you have an unlimited reign of everything in Minecraft to build whatever you want or Survival, where you are dropped into a random world. When you start Survival you are going to have to mine for your resources and build structures before night falls. That’s when the mobs come out, the specific monsters in the game, like Zombies or the dreaded Creepers. Every world will be different that’s because each world is randomly generated. I love the diversity of the Biomes, in my world, I have my main house located in a snowy biome next to a frozen river but right behind the mountain is a forest and next to that is a desert. Everything about this game is simple to learn and within minutes you will make your first house.

GameStop, Inc.

Did Minecraft Strike Gold?

Minecraft is a fun game for anyone with a creative side. Heck its great for anyone. Even my three-year-old son plays it, he isn’t very good it but hey we will work on it. Everything about Minecraft makes perfect sense on a Nintendo system, especially the Switch. I love being able to take my Minecraft world with me at any time. This is one game that either you like it or you don’t. I encourage everyone to try it and give it a chance. It wasn’t something I thought I was going to be into but I was wrong. I think I have put about 70 hours into my game and that’s a lot for a stay at home Dad as myself. If you enjoy building and taking your imagination to new lengths go and buy a copy today, you can click on the picture below to pick up your copy today!

All4Gamerz rates Minecraft on the Nintendo Switch a 9/10. Overall a great experience.

As always why have one life when you can have many?

-Matt a.k.a Devotedsaint

6 Replies to “A New Verison on the Block: Minecraft Switch Edition”

  1. I use to love playing video games when I was younger. I don’t have much chance these days.

    I do have an XBox, an original one. I would like to get back into playing.

    Is this game available on the XBox or should I buy a Nintendo Switch?


    1. Hey Owain,
      Minecraft is available for Xbox 360, Xbox One, Windows 10, Mobile, PS4, PS3, Nintendo 3DS, WiiU, and Nintendo Switch. Unfortunately, it never came out for the original Xbox. But I am sure you can find something that will work for you. Nintendo Switch is could be an option because of its portability if you are interested in learning more about the Nintendo Switch check out Aj’s article of the video game titans Here. Thanks for the comment I hope this helps.

  2. I love Minecraft! I have been playing it for 2 years now. It’s a good way to kill 2-3 hours worth of time. I like the different skins that you can use. What is your favorite skin?

    1. Garen
      I agree it is one of the best ways to kill a couple of hours, especially when you are trying to hide from your kids. Sorry kids daddy need to mine some iron ore before he loses his mind lol. My favorite skin hmm that’s a tough one. Currently, it’s the Highlander mainly because it’s the only one that has a beard.
      Thanks for the comment.


  3. I appreciate the technology in those games but to say it was a good way to kill a couple of hours as one of comments, oh well. A relaxation time is not killing time because at the end one is re- energized.
    Great job
    Thomas Osemiha

    1. Thomas
      Thanks for the comment. You are a 100% right. Relaxation time is a way to reconnect with what is important. I find that after a rough day playing a few minutes of Minecraft or Tetris I feel like my normal self.


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