Come one, come all to your one-stop shop for Gaming content. This is where anybody who loves to game is welcome. Man, Woman, Rhinoceros…..you get the point.


I remember my first console. It was the Nintendo Entertainment System. I am aware this makes me old now. The best thing was it was a Christmas present from my parents. I would spend hours playing Super Mario Bros with my sister. Of course, I was Luigi because I am the youngest.

The love of the escape from reality for a little while is something that never left me. Life is hard, we all know that. We can’t go around hitting people in a polite society. Although we want to, we know better. You can, however, set up an online match where you can go toe to toe with M. Bison and throw hadoukens all day long. That to me is just as satisfying.

Wait… Gaming is a culture?

Video games have been around for decades. More recently video gaming has become more of a subculture alongside the internet. Think about it. Because of the internet we can now talk with a lot more like-minded people out in the world and a lot of them play video games as hobbies. In the 90s we would need to meet up with our friends to discuss the best ways to stay alive during a session of super ghosts and goblins. Now we can just stream a video on YouTube and find out the best ways from other gamers across the globe.

WHO KNEW THERE WERE OTHERS OUT THERE?! The fact that we can discuss a walkthrough and tips on our favorite games with total strangers is great. I am just doing my part to connect people with common interests and have a great time.

The Goal

I want people of all shapes and sizes to be able to let their geek flag fly as it were and not have to worry about any judgment because of their love of Bowser or Master Chief. Being a gamer means you are a part of an ever-expanding community. Let’s talk games and have some fun. In the end, we’re all human, There are too many people in the world today who want to make others miserable. There’s no need to be miserable all the time. Let’s make this life the best we can and do what we love to do.