Battlefield V Goes Back to World War 2

Battlefield V had its reveal yesterday. This game looks amazing, there was a lot of info in the half hour live stream. Battlefield V brings the franchise back to the war that kicked off its series of games back in 2002. Now, I know most people are not too pleased that EA and DICE went back to World War 2. Many gamers today like shooters with a more modern setting. But as someone who enjoys history and learning stories behind the war…it is the most interesting war to me. DICE is taking the Battlefield that we know and love and ratcheting it up. Check out the reveal trailer below.


Battlefield V is going to turn a lot of heads. BF V is going to try to add the sense of physicality that has been vacant from its previous games. Explosions shock wave is now going to push you back and put you in the dirt if you are not careful. Other improvements were demonstrated in many ways, but one example during the trailer was a soldier making his way through waist-high water. He tries to lift his knees to gain momentum but he can not move any faster. As he gets closer to the shore and the water get shallower his movement changes. Now I know it might be a crazy change but DICE is trying to give us the most immersion possible. DICE also gives the player choices, do you go the most direct route to the objective through the water and be a sitting duck, or choose a different flank.

The combat in BF V has had a lot of work to make it feel more fluid. Jumping through windows and smashing through doors looks seamless. Hopefully that is the case in the actual game. One of the simple animations that I wish is in more games is the fact if you are prone and looking around. You can now seamlessly switch from your stomach to your back and even shuffle backwards while shooting. The revive animation is no longer something only a medic can do, now anyone in your squad is able to revive, the medics can just do it faster. This is something that will take a few seconds to do-it looks like it will now be a small animation where you watch your teammates face as you come back to life/revive. If a teammate is downed in the middle of crossfire, you can run in, pull them to safety and revive them. That is pretty cool. Tow your friends ass by any limb into safety and revive.

There is definitely a lot of information that I am not including (check out the presentation to see some of your favorite new features!) but these are some of my favorites.

War Stories and Combined Ops

We have heard traditional World War 2 stories, the famous battles and the people that were behind those stories. In Battlefield V, War stories are back, which is the single player campaign. The mantra is “unseen, untold, unplayed” aspects of World War II. Each is a small story that was inspired by true events throughout the war. DICE wanted to bring you to new and unexpected places than the normal WW2 games. They showed concept art of Rotterdam, Northern Africa, a war torn French countryside and a German soldier traversing waist deep through a snow covered mountainside. The one story line that DICE choose to give a little more on was a Norwegian female resistance fighter trying to save her family. Her story is set North of the Arctic Circle and it looks like something that no one has seen in a shooter from this era.

DICE named their Co-op experience Combined ops. This is for the people who want to play with friends but might not want the full craziness of 64 v 64 multiplayer. DICE says it sits somewhere in between single-player and the classic multiplayer. The story follows a group of 4 paratroopers behind enemy lines, ammo and other supplies are scarce. You must remain undetected while trying to complete the objective. Gathering the right equipment and teamwork will be the keys to your success. DICE says a mission generator will devise dynamic mission objectives but they did not give too many details on how it would work.

Fortifications and Customization

In the battlefield series one of the best things to do is to BLOW stuff up. It is definitely my favorite thing to do in any game. Battlefield V is taking that to a whole new level. Now you can build stuff like fox holes, sand bags, trenches and tank traps just to name a few. This is possible thanks to the new tool kits that everybody gets. In BF 1 all classes had a Gas mask, now in BF V it has been replaced with the tool kit. Now you can fortify buildings or build simple structures after said building is gone. This is to help with keeping specific points on the maps from falling into enemy hands.

This is the first Battlefield game that is going to let you customize everything. Your soldier, weapon, vehicles and your appearance can be leveled up and customized. Everything you unlock can be brought into any game mode. Each weapon is broken down into 5 to 7 parts, each are able to completely customized. In the trailer there was a soldier with a metal claw. What?! I think that DICE has put a lot into this game and I cannot wait.

Tides of War Means No Premium

Battlefield V is adapting the same thing Star Wars Battlefront 2 did right, all new upcoming content is free. Everyone in the community is excited that every player will have access to new content in the game at the same time. No more are the days of hoping my friends get the map packs when I get them. With Tides of War DICE will be implementing daily, weekly, monthly or longer objectives to earn epic cosmetic loot. There will be 4 chapters during the first year. The first chapter will concentrate on the Fall of Europe, each we hope will have some time-restrictive rewards.

Launch Date and Conclusion

Battlefield V launches on October 19, 2018 on Xbox One, PS4 and PC. If you are an Xbox One owner and have EA Access you will be able to play the game starting on October 11. And those who pre order the deluxe version of the game will be able to start playing the game on October 16 on all platforms. BF V will also include Xbox One X enhancements. Battlefield V is also going to have an open beta but no date was announced yet.

Battlefield V is going to be one of those games that will take the modern shooter and bring it to a new level that only Battlefield can. I am personal so geeked out right now. As a huge fan of the franchise BF V is the game I wanted. This game is going to exceed everything I have ever wanted in a World War 2 game. October 11 can’t come soon enough. We will get more details at E3 when DICE holds its EA play event. This is where we will get a more in depth look at the multiplayer modes. Stay tuned for lastest info from the E3 press conferences.

-Matt a.k.a. Devotedsaint




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