Behemoth Teases Castle Crashers For PS4 and Switch

For those who don’t already know, Castle Crashers is a charming hack and slash arcade co-op that came out in late 2008 as a follow up to the equally charming Alien Hominid. Bethesda has since made such classics like Battle Block Theater and Pit People.

The Behemoth (@thebehemoth) has just teased a PS4 and Switch Release of Castle Crashers on Twitter.

For longtime fans of the series, this is more than welcome addition to the two systems. It will be exciting to see Castle Crashers in the market again. Even though it came out over 10 years ago, the art style and charm never seem to lose their touch.

Hopefully, this is just a way to build hype before they announce a new IP. This is unlikely though since each release has about a 4-5 year development cycle. A boy can dream…

For fans of Castle Crashers, I recommend checking out Nightmare Cops a hack and slash gone rogue. It’s being made by

the co-owner of Behemoth, Tom Fulp.

You can really see some similarities between this and Castle Crashers. Fulp seems to understand how perfectly mix charming characters and addictive yet simple gameplay. Along with Fulp, other Newgrounds veterans are tagging along in the development of the new IP.

SpazKid, JohnnyUtah, and Oney are just some of the names that are working hard on the development of Nightmare Cops. If you frequented Newgrounds back in the day, those names might ring a bell, a really unsettling yet charming bell…

Regardless, with the “re-release” of Caste Crashers one more quick run through wouldn’t hurt while we wait for the next wave to appear in stores.

Are you grabbing Castle Crashers when it hits the virtual market???

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