Best Video Game Controller: Hardware That Dominates


Gamers all have their go-to controller. Let’s take my PS4’s Dual Shock 4 white camo controller for example. Does it work any better than the black standard Dual shock 4 controller which comes with the system? Is it THE BEST VIDEO GAME CONTROLLER EVER?! No. I am just easily entertained and love the color scheme. There are, however, controllers out there that are designed to fit the need of the gamer. More ergonomic designs, additions to the controller that can give you that little edge on the competition.

PlayStation VS The World

The Sony PlayStation is a marvel in its own right. You might know the story. The system was originally going to be partnered with Nintendo but things for one reason or another fell through. So, from the fire and embers arose the PlayStation. The grey design was like the Super Nintendo but this machine’s games came out on CD’s! Probably not the most earth-shattering news to kids today but back when PlayStation came around, cartridges were the go-to form. CD’s held more information than cartridges did, Thus the PlayStation threw its hat into the arena of the console wars.

With the new kid in town the PlayStation had some people to wow and wow they did. The first controller they had didn’t have the two iconic thumbsticks or even a rumble feature! These ladies and gentlemen were truly the dark ages. Then, they came out with the Dual Shock controller, added two thumbsticks and a rumble feature to boot. They kept enhancing this fantastic controller all the way to the dual shock 4 controller we know and love today.

That in mind, like anything else, things can be improved upon. I am not talking about the mad cat’s line. Those were abominations and will rest eternally in the hottest pits of…..well, you know where. It’s amazing what making a controller wider can do for someone who has bigger hands. Such as what the Nacon Revolution pro did. Not only did they make it wider but they relocated the left thumbstick a little higher for easier mobility. Let’s call it what it is. It’s a redesigned Xbox remote with the PlayStation color scheme and buttons.

If you’re looking for something a little more towards the PlayStation model, there is the Razer Raiju. With this controller, you still get the added benefit of a wider controller but this one sticks to the PlayStation roots. Ergonomic in design and some added benefits as well. The controller can help switch between profiles, mute your mic and raise the mic volume all without taking your hand off the controller. I don’t know about you but in the middle of a match, you don’t want your friends hearing you get yelled at by your significant other for not taking the trash out. Again.

Xbox Takes Control

It seems to me that the big question of the last decade for console gaming was do you own an Xbox or PlayStation? How about both? That is right I love both my Xbox and PlayStation equally. The Xbox had an interesting start in the gaming industry as well. This was a time when Sega was drifting further and further away from peoples homes as a console and gamers were more focused on the plumber, a purple dragon, and a bandicoot. To this day not too many people believe that bandicoots are real animals. I promise they are.

The Xbox exploded on the scene with the game that revolutionized how we now play first-person shooters. Halo. Throwing grenades with the black button that was strangely on the right of the controller above the other action buttons and laying waste with the OP handgun. Unlike the PlayStation controller, the Xbox controller was horrible. It was huge and it looked more like a failed science experiment from the 1950’s. To Xbox’s credit though, they learned from their mistakes and kept improving their controller until the 360 and Xbox one controllers came around.

The enormous controller of the past aside, Xbox controllers presently continue to be very ergonomic and a lot of gamers prefer to use this controller for their console or PC gaming. I personally like to use my Xbox for my shooters but that’s just my preference. With the notion of playing games in a tournament or just to obliterate your friends, there is the Razer Wolverine Tournament edition. The controller has the same size controller we all love from our Xbox controller but with a lot more bells and whistles. You can switch to a mode called hair-trigger mode, basically allowing you to pull the trigger lightly to get full rapid fire. There are also 4 additional remappable, multi-function buttons that will allow you to get to some pretty ridiculous techniques. One of the best things is also how customizable it is. You have lighting effects right on the controller. Forget Halo, I’ll stare into this thing all day! I told you I was easily entertained.

If you’re looking for something without all the bells and whistles (what’s the fun in that?) there is also the Hori pad pro. At first glance, it looks like a mix between the Game Cube remote and Xbox remote. Which gives it a little more familiarity to some gamers. This controller also boast’s four programmable buttons on the back. The D-pad is also a little bigger compared to the Xbox one remote. The only drawback from this controller might be the fact that it is wired. If that doesn’t scare you than this controller may be for you.


Nintendo’s and Don’ts

I don’t think this next console needs an introduction. Nintendo arguably single-handedly brought the video game industry out of the great video game crash of the 80’s. This is the company that introduced the world to everyone’s favorite plumber Mario. Nintendo marketed their product so well that people didn’t even realize they were buying a video game console. The console was called the Nintendo Entertainment System. With this 8 bit powerhouse (at the time of course) people were buying video games in droves. The controller reshaped how we game today as well. The style of the joystick and button were replaced by a flat controller with a D-pad and two buttons. Of course, as time went on they improved their controller with every new console that came out.

Depending on which Nintendo fanboy or girl you speak with, everyone has their favorite controller scheme from the OG Nintendo, the Super Nintendo (my favorite), the N64 to today with the Nintendo switch. There are USB wired replica controllers you can buy for emulators on your computer, that will take you back to your favorite time in Nintendo history.

Like the PlayStation and the Xbox, there are other great controllers other than the stock remote that comes with the switch. One of which is by Nintendo themselves called the pro controller. Those of who, who had the Wii U might be familiar with the Pro controller. This is an updated version of that. This controller allows you to put down the two joy cons and game like any other system but with Nintendo fashion. One of the biggest changes to the controller is that it has motion controls. Don’t want to use the thumbstick to aim, you can now move your controller around to help you out. Of course, the amiibo functionality is still in play with the controller as well. This is a controller you want to have with your switch.

Being the switch hit the market only last year there aren’t too many quality controllers out there for the system other than the obvious pro controller. If you want to buy something that will not hit you too hard where it hurts, in the wallet, then there is the core controller by Nyko. The controller does not have the motion control or the amiibo function on it but what it lacks for in tech it makes up with convenience. The lower price tag helps a lot as said before and it still has a nice ergonomic feel to it. It is a wired controller and it will plug into the USB port on the console itself. There is also a turbo button added to the controller for any face or shoulder buttons.

Control Your Destiny

Not only did we go over some pretty interesting controllers here but we managed to go over some video game controller history as well. We all have our own way to play, ranging from the classic to pimped out modern controllers. I still like the lights on the Xbox controller. Why stick to one way of gaming when you have so many options out there to choose from. Go out of your comfort zone and buy a new controller. Let us at All4Gamerz know how this improved your gaming experience.





6 Replies to “Best Video Game Controller: Hardware That Dominates”

  1. Interesting post which helps me to understand my wifes passion for this!

    Very informative, even though I am not a gamer, strange considering I am a huge football fan and they have games in football, over all though, I found the post help, clearly taken time to put this together

    1. I am really glad you found this helpful. That’s great your wife is passionate about gaming also! A lot of my friends love to play Madden. You might really enjoy that game.
      Thanks for the comment!

  2. Hey,

    Great article and very nicely laid out.

    I’m not that much into gaming anymore but my nephew is ALL OVER IT. His whole life is all about video games.

    I have relayed the information to him so he can see what he thinks (might make me the best uncle). But in all seriousness you obviously know your stuff and have a lot to offer for people in the gaming world.

    Your site looks awesome too so keep up the great work.

    All the best and I will definitely be back for more information to pass on.


    1. Thank you for that Tom. I pride myself in knowing the industry, I grew up on Nintendo and have been hooked ever since. Can’t wait to see what your nephew thinks, we’ll be working to improve the site everyday so tell him to stay tuned. He will not be dissappointed.
      Thank you again for the the comment.

  3. Ah, the good old controller battle. We’ve all been there, right 😛 I’m mostly a PC and PS4 guy. While on the PC I tend to stick to Mouse and Keyboard (for better precision), I really like how Sony has reinvented their controller for the PS4. I like it, even though I think the Xbox controller still has the edge here! Did you have a chance to try out the Joy Cons of Nintendo’s Switch!? They are awesome, in my opinion. I see people out there saying that you need a Pro Controller when you want to play the switch on the big screen, but I don’t understand why: I really love the concept of being able to move your hands independent from each other while playing… If you haven’t yet, give the Switch and it’s Joy Cons a test ride! You won’t regret it! 🙂

    1. It’s a time honored tradition in the gaming world haha. I can see where you’re coming from with the precision aspect of the PC. I think it’s because I was raised as a console gamer myself that I favor consoles a little bit more myself. I have tried using the joy cons independently, they are a lot of fun because of what you mentioned. Personally though I like the pro controller because of the bigger button layout, my hands wont cramp up. Plus while playing Breath Of the Wild, I like using the pro controller to aim a little more. Less wobbly.
      Thank you so much for the comment!


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