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I am very happy with the Xbox controller I picked up not too long ago. The Wolverine has made my gaming experience so much better for my Xbox I figured I would tackle some more things for the Xbox. Don’t know what I am talking about? I go into my personal experience with one of Razers best controllers, check out my review on the Wolverine controller HERE.

What would go well with a great controller to help immerse someone in a better gaming experience? By the title alone you should already know I am going to say a good headset. Like controllers, not all headsets are created equally. I bought a headset that lit up on the side of the earpieces just to find out the sound was terrible and my friends online couldn’t hear anything I was saying. To top it all off it was the most uncomfortable headset I have ever owned. If you are in the market for a good headset then look no further, we’re going to go into a few right here that might help you decide what to pick up. We’ll start with ones that won’t hurt the budget too much and go from there.

Hyper X-Cloud Kicking It Off

Do you think it’s a coincidence I decided to start the list here with a headset that has an X in the name? It actually is a coincidence and you have to stop reading too much into things. To start off the list of greatness we have the Hyper X-Cloud. This headset is multi-platform for those gamers who, like myself, have more than one system to play on. The headset works for the Xbox, the PS4, the Switch and of course PC. The headsets ear cushions use memory foam for the padding, which will definitely help with those longer gaming sessions.

For those looking for a wireless headset, this is not for you. Although it may not be wireless, it does have other great qualities. It is lightweight in design with ear cups that rotate 90 degrees. Inside the earphones, there are 50mm drivers that will help out amplify the acoustics and will also help with audio distortion. Basically, it will help make things sound good and not have a lot of feedback. It also has a microphone that can mute just by swiveling it, that makes muting a lot easier. Instead of pushing a button, just swoop it up. The headset is set at a good price of $49.99.



Astro A10 Flying In

Next, on the list, we have the Astro A10 headset. This bad boy is built to withstand anything you toss at it, throwing at the walls, stomping on it and even a nuclear blast!!! Ok, I might have gone a little too crazy with the explanations but you get the idea, It’s pretty durable. The headband is made with Anodized aluminum (stronger than normal aluminum) and is wrapped in a polycarbonate blend for extra damage resistance. I told you it was pretty durable.

This headset also features extended comfort memory foam ear cushions, like, with the previous headset, the memory foam will help you with long gaming sessions without you getting fatigue from wearing the headset. The headset has an omnidirectional mic as well and in-line volume control as well. This will make sure you and your friends will be able to hear one another if you’re in an intense shootout or if you’re by yourself and need to hear the surrounding enemy. With its extra durability comes a little bit more money, this controller is set at $59.00 to pick up.


Those are a couple of really good headsets that will not break the bank. Personally, I don’t advise to pick up anything in the $20 range. From my experience those headsets always sound terrible, your mic doesn’t pick up a lot of what you’re saying and it’s just overall a bad time to be had. Not what you’re looking for when you’re playing online or even just for general gaming.


Let’s go over a couple of headsets that are more geared to gamers who want more out of their experience while gaming. These controllers are a little more pricey but if you pick one up, you will not be disappointed.


Turtle Beach Stealth 600 Sneaking On By

We talked about wired headsets but let’s finish it up with some wireless headsets, shall we? You had to have known these guys were going to make the post in one way or another. During the past year, Turtle Beach has seen an epic increase in their sales of headsets. They were well-known beforehand but since Fortnite and PUBG have been increasing in popularity so has the need for good quality headsets. The Turtle Beach Stealth 600 is not only a great looking headset but it fits the needs of just about anyone. If you’re a gamer who needs to wear glasses while gaming but can’t wear a headset because it’s too uncomfortable, you will appreciate this headset. Turtle Beach calls this feature their Pro-Specs glasses friendly design which removes pressure on your glasses. Gone are the days of taking your glasses off just to wear a headset!

The earpieces are wrapped up in a breathable mesh for cushion. If you’re familiar with Turtle Beach, you’re familiar with their ear padding. The mic is just as impressive as with most other Turtle Beach headsets, it features a flip-up high-sensitivity mic that is not too big where it looks dopey and it’s not too small where the headset will not pick up your voice. It’s just right. The audio on this headset is pretty impressive as well and boasts some great features.

There are 50mm speakers that deliver immersive surround sound that is just as good for gaming as it is for watching a movie. What set’s this headset apart from the rest is its Superhuman sound setting. Turn this feature on and you will be able to hear brush move in a jungle, footsteps even flys farting! The last one I threw in there but you get the idea. For all the features this headset carries and is made by Turtle Beach themselves, it is worth the price tag set at $87.99


Razer Thresher Dropping The Mic

Razer Thresher Ultimate - The Best Console Gaming Headset

This is the Big Daddy on the list here. For those who are really into your games and need to have the best of the best of the best. Look no further. This is another wireless gem of a headset we are looking at here. The Razer Thresher connects wirelessly to the console itself. No dongle or base station needed, which will make any gamers set up look a lot neater. It has a 20-foot wireless reach with no lag either. If you’re the type to roam around while in a competitive match, you might want to consider these. It also features an excellent retractable digital mic that picks up your voice even in really loud areas. So you can be watching the Hockey game at max volume while gaming and be completely fine.

The headset also delivers top of the line surround sound audio with 50mm driver units providing clear audio right to your ears. They also sport the Windows sonic audio, so you know they produce some good quality audio. It’s always good to know where your enemy is at all times in competitive games. If you can hear them before they hear you, you have the advantage. The ear cushions are very prominent here as well just like the others. The ear cushions are made with memory foam AND leatherette (fake leather) to help conform to your ears and head for optimal comfort.

This headset is the best for what you are looking for in terms of comfort, aesthetics, sound quality and wireless connectivity. Some downsides are that it is not multi-platform if you want one for your PS4 you have to buy another one. There aren’t any for the PC or the Switch either. The biggest downside is the price at a whopping $150.00. If the price doesn’t scare you, then you my friend are in for one of the best headsets you will own.

Can You Hear Me Now?

It is hard to find the best kind of headset for you when the market is almost flooded with them. I hope I was able to shed some light on a couple you might not have known were out there and made your choice a little easier. If you pick one of these great headsets up please let me know how you enjoy it in the comments below. If you happen to already own one of them let me know as well!







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  1. I am not a gamer, but my grandchildren are. I am sending them to your site. As far as your site, great content and visualky its very appealling. Goid luck in your venture

    1. That’s not a problem at all, thank you for checking us out though and thank you for sending your grandchildren to check us out. I am glad you appreciate the content and the visuals, thank you for spreading the word 🙂

  2. Dope article AJ, Nice insights. There are so many options nowadays, I recently picked up a Plantronics RIG 500 and I absolutely love it. Whats your Gamertag bro?

    1. Hi Marvin

      Thanks for checking out my article! I am glad you enjoyed it, I wanted to put a good list together to help people make a better decision on headsets, it looks like you have a good idea on what you’re picking up too! Plantronics is a pretty good headset, glad to hear it’s treating you well. My tag is MetalFang64, we also have a club on Xbox for All4Gamerz too you should check out.

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