Mini Arcade Machine: Arcade On The Go

Hey Gamerz! Sorry for missing last weeks discussion but I have a good reason. I have been busy putting together something for this coming Halloween, there’s not enough time in one day, unfortunately. But I am back for this weeks discussion and this should prove to be a pretty fun one! We had the pleasure of meeting up with Josh Guskin from Guscade and had the honor of touring his collection and getting a better understanding of how he is able to make his incredible arcade cabinets. For those who don’t know what I am talking about you can check out the interview right HERE. Arcades have always been interesting to me. From the way they look to the unique way they operate compared to home consoles is amazing. With fighters like Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter, it can feel as though you’re playing a completely different game if you’re only used to playing them on your console back home.

I’ve mentioned before that I really enjoyed going to the arcade as a kid and I still do as an adult going to places like Dave and Busters. It’s always a lot of fun getting outside of the house and playing video games with friends and family. So I ask you, what could be better than going out to a Dave and Busters or buying your own arcade cabinets? That’s right, buying a Mini Arcade Machine! Well, maybe not but if you really love playing on arcade machines you might want to stick around for this discussion. That being said, let’s check out the Mini Arcade Machine! Click on the pictures throughout the article if you want to buy your very own Mini Arcade.

Size Does Matter

If you couldn’t tell by now, this particular Arcade Machine is not your typical Arcade. The average arcade cabinet everyone is used to playing on stands around 6 feet tall (around 2 meters) while this mini one stands at almost 7 inches tall (17.78 cm) and is 3.35 inches wide (8.509 cm). Yea, the name is not misleading at all. Aside from its size, it does resemble an actual arcade cabinet. From the top, we have the Marquee that displays the name of the game that would usually be played on the machine. The name you can see reads Arcade Game and for good reason as there’s not just one game you can play on this. I’ll explain more on that in a little bit. moving down you will then, of course, have the screen where the games are displayed for the gamer to play. The screen comes in at 2.8 inches (7.112 cm), this is where I get leery of this. I love the idea of having a small arcade that you can bring with you anywhere you want. This also reaches out to a lot of other people who don’t typically play games and might want to pick it up for nostalgic reasons. What I really don’t like is the incredibly small screen. For those of us who normally play video games on a regular basis, this will be more of a headache than anything. If you really want to play older games on the go there are better options such as the Nintendo 3DS or the Switch. The price point is heavier with these options so the Mini Arcade has them beat coming in at only $35.00.

Continuing down the mini arcade we get to one of the most important things, the controls. There’s a tiny joystick and 6 little buttons. Again the size of the arcade makes it cute and marketable but also makes it a nuisance. The joystick can easily be maneuvered by placing your thumb on top and moving it around, however, the six buttons are really close together. This can be really irritating especially if you’re playing a fighting game and trying to do combos. Personally, I think the arcade machine would have been better perhaps with only 2 or 3 buttons but I commend them with trying to stick to the “authentic” arcade cabinet appearance. Finishing up the aesthetics of the mini arcade is the illustrations on the side and front. You can see Ryu and Ken from the Street Fighter series. Probably the best characters to put on it for marketing purposes, when a lot of people think arcade fighters they tend to think of Street Fighter right away. On the bottom, you can see where they tried making the ports where you would put in the quarters and the red button for the quarter return. It’s an interesting idea to have an arcade in the palm of your hands but I think the size of it is also it’s downfall. Let’s move onto some more details, shall we?

Small Details


With the arcade I am not a big fan of its size (pun intended), I have to hand it to the little guy when it comes to the number of games it has on board. This thing comes with a whopping 156 games on it! It says that they’re original games but you can clearly see the likes of Tetris, Angry Birds, Mega Man, and more games from a lot of peoples childhood. The arcade itself does have the option to plug into the TV, so for those who might have a problem with the small size, this might be a saving grace for you. You have the option of hooking up the arcade into the TV either by USB cord or by an AV cord. Which is confusing because I don’t know anyone who still has AV hookups on their TV but I am glad they have the option for those who do. I don’t know of any kind of controller that would work with this thing so you might have to learn to love the tiny controls. Lastly but not leastly, yes I am sticking with that word, we have the battery life for the little arcade that could. It has an internal 600mAh battery that is described as providing many hours of fun. That’s not really the case, however, the arcade might provide about 2 hours of continuous play. That’s not too terrible for something as inexpensive as this little guy is and would work pretty well for a kid on a short car trip to grandmas house. There aren’t any other things to talk about in regard to tech specs, everything to know about it we went through already so we’ll move onto final thoughts.

Final Thoughts


If you don’t like the blue color, you’re in luck as there is an alternate color orange one you can pick up also! The idea of the mini arcade is a pretty good one, had it come out around 10 years ago. In an age where Nintendo is dominating the mobile market, I can’t feel as though this has come out too late. You can’t argue the price at all and I would definitely buy it if you’re looking for something inexpensive to keep the kids quiet for a little bit or if you’re really into the arcade aesthetic of gaming. Buy this Mini Arcade Machine with the mindset of knowing there isn’t anything groundbreaking here and you will not be disappointed.

Thank you, everyone, for checking out this weeks hardware discussion, I hope you enjoyed everything we talked about with this mini arcade. Let me know what you think down in the comments below and if you have one of these let me know what you think of it. Until next week everyone, take care!






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