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Good morning everyone! I hope you all enjoyed this past weekend. Whether you were celebrating Star Wars Day by having the 4th be with you or celebrating Cinco De Mayo with some family and friends. I am here to go over some interesting news from last week about our favorite hobby. Grab a cup of coffee, get some oatmeal and let’s get into some Video Gaming News!

Sega Coming Back: Retro Style!

When you think Sega is down-and-out they decide to come back to relevancy with their older titles that made them a house hold name. A few weeks back Sega announced they will be coming out with a collection of their earliest hits from their much beloved Sega Genesis Console. The Genesis as we all know by now was the biggest competition Nintendo had back in the 80s and 90s eras of gaming. For them to be coming out with something that isn’t another terrible Sonic title has definitely piqued my interest! The game will consist of over 50 games including Golden Axe, the original Crack Down, Ecco The Dolphin, Streets Of Rage and my personal favorite Virtua Fighter 2. Most of us will be reliving our child hoods with the titles I just listed so to think there will be more than 50 is amazing news. If you haven’t played the original Sega Genesis, you owe it to your self to pick up this game and relive an amazing time in Gaming history.

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Nintendo Switch Sales Halted?                            

The Nintendo Switch has been selling like crazy since it’s release last March 3rd. The console has reportedly sold over 14 million consoles during it’s 2017 fiscal year which dwarfs the total sales of its predecessor the Wii U which had a lifetime sale of 13.56 million units sold. The Wii U had a life cycle from around November 2012 to around January 2017, that’s five years worth of sales that the switch blew out of the water in under one year. Although those are impressive sales numbers, we’re going to talk about how Nintendo may be forced to halt sales of the console in the U.S. There was a notice issued by the US international trade commission, it “voted to institute an investigation of certain portable gaming console systems with attachable handheld controllers and components thereof” made by Nintendo. Being they only have one system out with that type of description, of course we all know they mean the Switch.

There’s a company called GameVice that had requested a cease and desist order on Nintendo to keep them from getting the Switch over to the United States. The company Gamevice has a controller that’s called the Wikipad, it can connect to both sides of smartphones or tablets, like how the joy cons connect with the switch console. Gamevice states that the Switch uses their patents on the switch without permission. Here’s an interesting tid bit though, they sued Nintendo last year around August 2017 and dropped the case. This isn’t the first time that companies have come out of the woodwork to go after the big N for copy right reasons. When the Wii was first introduced back in 2006 a California based company called Interlink Electronics went after Nintendo for the Wiimote and its pointer functionality. They were pushing for Nintendo to stop selling the Wii in the US, similarly to what Gamevice is doing, but as we have seen the Wii did not stop until 2013. We will have to see what the US International Trade Commission does about this being that Gamevice willingly dropped their case last year. I doubt they will be able to halt any sales in the United States.

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The Pro Controller Teams With Steam

For a while now people who enjoy using their PC’s to game also enjoy using a controller to game on their PC. Sometimes it’s just a bit easier to use a controller versus a keyboard and mouse. Just to clarify, I said sometimes, not all the time. Either way, people have been using their PlayStation controllers and their Xbox controllers on their PC games. With the Switchs release of their Pro controller, people have taken notice that it is actually a pretty good controller. I have gone into this before with my topic on Best Video Game Controllers and Matt went into more detailed info on it as well on his piece on Joy Cons or Pro Controllers. When in TV mode, I prefer to use my Pro controller because of how comfortable the controller is to use during long gamins sessions. So I know firsthand how great the controller is, the folks over at steam have now been able to unlock the greatness that is the pro controller to use on Steam.

Just like the Pro controllers cousins the Xbox and PlayStation, Steam users can now use their Pro controller for PC gaming. Here’s the downside though, it isn’t really polished out for the whole public to use just yet. In order to use the Pro controller you will first need to opt into a Beta program with Steam. By joining this beta program you will be given instructions on how to pair your controller. Once you pair everything, you should be good to go. Being this is really just beta testing, there are still kinks to be worked out so the game play isn’t going to be where it needs to be at the moment. It’s still exciting though to know in a little while the Pro controller will be among the controllers used in PC gaming.


Until Next Week!

As always there is more news out there, these are just some things I found out there and wanted to bring to your eyes. What did you think of the Nintendo Switch console potentially having to stop sales in the US? Are you excited to play almost all of your favorite Sega Genesis games again on your current console? Leave some comments doen below, we would love to know your thoughts.





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