Razer Lancehead Tournament Edition Review

Hardware: Razer Lancehead Tournament Edition

Price: $80.00


Did you ever look down at your PC and just think, how many mice does one need to game properly? The answer is all of them. You need every last one of them and while you’re at it you need all the keyboards too for good measure. Of course, I’m kidding but if you did have a lot of keyboards and mice I would be pretty jealous. Last week I talked about one of Razers keyboards the Cynosa with Chroma. A great keyboard with a simple design and fantastic output, plus it has a lot of color options for the keys to give your set up that extra flare. For every great keyboard, however, there is also a great mouse. You can’t go into a gunfight without bullets just like you can’t go into a game without a mouse. That’s pure insanity!

There is a mouse that compliments the Razer Cynosa in design and ability called the Razer Lancehead Tournament Edition. Choosing the right mouse for what you’re looking for is just as important as choosing the right keyboard, some may argue more important but we’re all allowed to have our own opinions. If you’re looking for the most expensive mouse that has all the side buttons on it with blinding lights coming from every which angle, this one is not for you. This has more of a conservative look about it while also showing some edge with the Chroma. I know I am obsessed with the chroma, I can’t help it! If you want to buy your own Lancer Tournament Edition, click on the links throughout the article. Let’s take a look at Razer’s Lancehead Tournament Edition mouse.

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The Chroma Is Light With This One

Just to get it out-of-the-way first, yes the mouse has the hallmark Chroma on it. Personally, I think It’s always a welcomed sight to see the chroma on a piece of PC gaming hardware. The colors are not overbearing on the mouse as compared to other mice, which again works in its favor if you’re looking for something that isn’t too in your face. The lights are almost right in the middle of the mouse not taking up the whole body. It accentuates the mouse more than anything, as you take a look at the colors on the side of the mouse you start to appreciate the whole design of the mouse. Ergonomics are a big player on this one, you can see with the design on the sides where your thumbs rest. Both sides of the mouse have nice curves with rubber grips that go inward for your thumb to rest. It’s also interesting to note that design choice for the mouse has both lefties and righties in mind. That’s right, the mouse can be programmed to fit your play style on either hand. No longer will the lefties be shackled to their use of righty mice, the revolution has begun! Or it could just be a nice design choice from Razer who is thinking about all the PC gamers out there, either one really works.

To complement the aesthetics and the functionality of the mouse it also comes with the ability to use the synapse 3. For those who are not aware, the synapse 3 software allows you to customize your Razer product. With the mouse, it would be the primary button layout ( e.g.: lefty or righty) and color pattern. You have full control over the color scheme on the mouse, you can go from solid to a spectrum of colors. With a lot of Razer products out there, customization is King. When you have your choice of settings you can save them onto the mouse itself or the cloud, this way if you don’t have access to the synapse software you can just activate whatever profile you want right from the mouse itself.



Razer Chroma

Mighty Mouse

                                                                                     (Lancehead Tournament Edition not pictured)


It’s safe to say that this mouse has it down pat on the looks department, the more important question is does it work well enough to game with? Without a doubt, the answer is yes. Let’s talk about the sensor. The Lancehead Tournament Edition comes equipped with a sensor that has 16,000 DPI (dots per second) and true tracking at 450 inches per second. For those of you who might not know, DPI is basically how sensitive the mouse is. Meaning the higher the DPI, the further the cursor will travel with less movement of the hand. That’s not to say that higher DPI is always the best and most surefire way to win games but this mouse is designed to be used by the pros in e-sports so I think there’s at least something to it.

What would a mouse be without good responsive switches? It would be terrible and you should throw it away. Luckily this one has some of the best mechanical switches around. The Lancehead has been co-designed and produced with the leading global mouse switch supplier, Omron. These guys have their headquarters in Japan, so it’s safe to say they know a thing or two about gaming and the peripherals. These switches are designed to have the fastest response times for gaming and are also pretty damn durable. The switches can withstand use up to around 50-million clicks! Depending on what games you typically play, I think 50-million clicks will last you quite some time.


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Wrap Up

There’s so many mice out there that promise to improve your game and give you that edge, Razer has been put to the test and delivers on just about all they promise. Let’s do a quick recap of the Lancehead here and see why you should go and buy this particular mouse.

  1. The overall aesthetics of the mouse is simple and appealing to the eye. Nothing too in your face.
  2. THE CHROMA. That is all.
  3. The design of the mouse has all types of players in mind from righties to lefties.
  4. You can use Razers synapse 3 to customize your mouse and program it for lefty or righty use with ease, you can also program the chroma colors on the mouse as you see fit, and you can save your profile on the mouse or cloud if you don’t have access to the synapse program so you can access your saved profile anytime.
  5. The mouse has some of the best mechanical switches on the market today co-designed and produced by Omron
  6. The switches are incredibly durable and can withstand up to around 50 million clicks.
  7. The mouse has an e-sports grade optical sensor that has true 16,000 DPI and true tracking at 450 inches per second


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Final Thoughts

Going over the info for the mouse you can’t really go wrong here. You definitely get what you pay for but I am not too happy with the price of the mouse itself and personally, I think having 16,000 DPI is a bit overkill. What do I know, I am not in e-sports. If you are looking for a new mouse that isn’t bulbous and overly flashy you will love this one and I couldn’t recommend it enough.

All4Gamerz gives Razers Lancehead Tournament Edition an 8/10. A fantastic buy if you need a great mouse.

Thank you for checking out this Wednesday’s hardware discussion, let me know what you thought about the review in the comments below. I would love to know your thoughts. Until next week’s discussion, take care everyone.






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