Razer Wolverine Xbox One Controller: A Hands On Review

For those who have been following the site for a little bit, I went into a description of the Razer Wolverine Xbox One Controller in a previous post. I wanted to talk about it so people can make a decision to pick it up for themselves if they were looking for something different from their traditional controller. So, I decided to take my own advice and I picked one up! This review is going to go over in detail my opinion and thoughts on this particular controller. We’ll see if this controller holds its own as it advertises or is just another poser on the market looking to scam you out of your hard-earned cash. Let the review begin.

Hey There Good Looking

Right out of the gate I am into the over all look of the controller. The controller arrived at my door step in a nice green box that held the controller in a snug Styrofoam cushion. The box on the inside reads “welcome to the cult of Razer”, I have never before in my life dreamed I would be in a cult! But if they have more controllers this good-looking I guess I might make an exception for Razer. You can notice a difference between the stock controller fromm Xbox and this bad boy. Not only is this controller lighter but it fits so much better in your hand. Razer stuck very close to the original design that Xbox has but trimmed this controller down a little bit.

The face of the controller has the traditional Xbox button logo/home button on it with one key difference. This one does not light up. Instead, there is a half square that wraps under the Xbox logo that emits light from it called chroma lighting. Not just one color but a whole rainbow of colors can be produced from this. I did mention previously that I am easily entertained, so I would have paid just for the lights alone. The sleek black look of the Wolverine is very pleasing to the eye as well and it also, of course, has the Razer logo right in the middle. I personally like and appreciate the size Razer made their logo on the controller. It doesn’t take up the whole controller to shove it down your throat and remind you what you purchased, it takes up just enough space for people to notice who created their Xbox controller. The D-pad isn’t connected like the original controller is, all the buttons are independent and make the Wolverine stand out that much more because of it. Lastly the back of the controller has textured rubber on it, this helps out for when your hands get a little on the sweaty side during a long or stressful game session. Over all the design is a much appreciated constant from what I am used to but with some great extras in there. So far I am not disappointed. Moving on.

Batteries Not Included

What’s the point in having a pretty looking controller if the thing doesn’t hold its end of the bargain and performs? The answer is there isn’t any point. That’s when you put it out of your misery, bring it out back and smash it against a tree. If your parents bought it for you, just tell em you lost it or something. I don’t like the fact that the Wolverine is wired. I feel like I am going back in time instead of forward but I understand why they made it like that. The Wolverine is designed more for the hardcore type of gamers, having it wired means the signal has direct input to the console or PC for less delay. Also, you couldn’t have the chroma light on constantly if it weren’t wired, the batteries would die in under an hour. The Wolverine’s face buttons of course look similar to the OG controller of Xbox but with a pretty noticeable difference. The buttons are a bit smaller and they don’t have that loud noise when you press them down. It’s more of a springy feel compared to when you push the button down on the Original Xbox controller, I never thought the feel of pressing the face buttons could change so drastically for the better.

There is a feature with the trigger buttons that lets you hone in on your shooter skills. Razer calls it hair trigger mode, you have two sliders on the back of the Wolverine that stop the triggers from going down all the way. This helps in shooters because you just need to give a light pull on the trigger to get the rapid fire you’re looking for but much quicker. By the triggers there are two new buttons to play around with called the M1 and M2 buttons. That is a great feature if you are looking to remap all the buttons or assign them special attributes. You heard me right, you can remap ALL the buttons, not just some. More on that in a little bit. The D-pad as I said before is all independent from one another, although it makes the controller look better visually I personally am not a fan. I used it for a couple of fighters like Killer Instinct and Street Fighter and it just didn’t feel comfortable to me while playing. I found it difficult to link moves because I couldn’t really roll my thumb like I could when the D-pad is connected. That may take some getting used to on my part but as of now I don’t like it much. There are also the two paddle buttons on the back of the controller, this can be used more for shooters or fighters. I would say to stick to shooters with the paddle buttons, they are pretty useful when you want to get to cover quickly because your fingers are already on the paddles as your holding the controller. Last on the list of buttons would be the thumb sticks, there isn’t much to talk about with the thumb sticks as they have really just stayed untouched. The only noticeable difference is the thumb sticks are a little wider, this may or may not help your game but every little slight advantage gets you closer to the W. Another impressive attribute to the controller is you can switch between using it for your Xbox to plugging it right into the USB port of your PC and go right into a game of CS:GO!

Beyond The Controller

Ok, I talked about the look of the Wolverine, the buttons and how they feel now lets go over the little bonuses you get with this. I love the chroma lighting on the controller, its simple but such a great addition to a controller I never knew I wanted. There is an app that you download called Razer Synapse, in this app is where you adjust a lot of things, the light effect being one of them. You can adjust the brightness of the light coming out of the controller, you can adjust the pattern, you can have all the lights glow or just have you favorite color glow. This app is where you can also remap all the buttons to however you want. Feel like having the A button function as your right trigger, or do you like it better when you have your B button on your Left bumper? The possibilities are many and fit any configuration you want to put together. You can also add agile or focus functions to the controller as well. This will help lower the sensitivity on the thumb sticks to help aim better when you’re in a fire fight.

Final Thoughts

Playing with this controller for the past week has been a great experience and I will not be putting this down for quite sometime. It is a lot more comfortable in the hands, it feels like it was designed to fit snug, the buttons feel amazing when you press them down, the hair trigger mode for the left and right triggers are such a great addition I can’t play another shooter without them and I love the chroma color! Now, there are a few down sides:

  1. The controller is wired, so for those who love wireless this may not be for you
  2. The D-pad might be uncomfortable because of the independent buttons (or it could just be me)
  3. The price of the controller goes for $119 USD.

The price may be a turn some off to most but if you have the extra money I highly recommend picking this controller up as soon as possible. I haven’t been able to wipe this dopey smile off my face for days. You can pick the Wolverine controller up at Amazon right here:

All4Gamerz rank : 9/10





8 Replies to “Razer Wolverine Xbox One Controller: A Hands On Review”

  1. A great looking controller. Seems very well built and solid. The illuminations look great and I actually like the way the D-Pad works.

    The price is a little steep though. I may get one sooner or later since it also works on PC.

    Thanks for the info.

    1. Hi Michael,
      Thank you for the comment, I appreciate that. It is really a nice controller, you’re right the price is a bit on the steep side which is one of the draw backs of course. From personal experience though, if you were looking for an upgraded controller that has multi platform capabilities, this would be a good one to pick up. Worth every penny.

    1. Thank you for taking the time out to read the article. I highly recommend picking it up if you have the extra money, I still haven’t put this thing down yet.

  2. Hi AJ!

    I love devices that have lighting with a whole color spectrum. Honestly, I can still deal with wiring. I agree that it would be annoying to see the controller malfunctioning and dying quite fast, if it was wireless (no matter how modern it would be). I can relate, because I go berserk when I lose a game or a mission, lol. So, compromise between the modernity and functionality is quite important.

    Thanks a lot for sharing this review. Going to gather some money to buy it. 🙂


    1. Hey German!
      I have gotten used to the wiring after a while of playing, that was just a personal gripe I needed to get over haha. You are going to love this controller just as much as I do! When you pick it up come back and let me know what you think of it.

  3. Dang Aj,

    Great write up on the controllers here.
    I do have to ask, are these Xbox branded (built by Xbox)? I’ve always used the standard Xbox controller for 360 and Xbone but I’m starting to like the look of the updated controllers. I feel like I understand the desire for the wired play but at the same time I wish I had the option to disconnect.

    I’m thankful for this review because I’m a big stickler on keeping things consistent with the OG brand… maybe I can deviate from that since these seem to have a serious Xbox gamer’s support!

    thanks again,

    1. Hi Dalton,

      Thank you very much, I had a blast writing this article. That is a great question, the white controller you see is the Xbox One standard controller that comes with the system and the Wolverine made by Razer is a third party source. I used to be the same exact way of only wanting to play wireless but since I picked this controller up my mind has changed on the matter. I still love having one of each though haha. I would definitely take a look into this controller when you can, you’ll see an immediate difference and will not look at your old controller the same. Thanks for the comment!

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