Should Bethesda Eliminate The Creation Engine?

With Fallout 76 fresh off the presses, Bethesda’s flimsy engine is being put under a microscope… that’s on fire. The creation engine has served Bethesda since Morrowind and has made many memorable yet buggy games. With the announcement that both Elder Scrolls VI and Starfield will be created with the same engine as the newly “released” Fallout 76, fans are becoming outraged at the idea that they will have to experience the same type of bug that they have been dealing with since Morrowind.

Here’s the thing, while the creation engine is buggy and can even be annoying at times, Bethesda is making the right call by sticking with it. We can look back on some of the more recent games and realize that the Creation engine can make appealing landscapes. Fallout 76 is actually nice to look at. They have come a long way from Oblivion. The older games on the engine hosted a drab color scheme with a strong focus on gameplay elements. The foliage in Fallout 76 is loaded with vibrant colors unlike its ancestor, Fallout 3, who was ousted for having a gray-brown pallet. Creation has the ability to transform graphically to match with new generations but is there something more to that. The Creation engine helped to give modern Bethesda games acquire a new personality. Over the years, Bethesda employees added some features that made it easier to follow their formula. Without these features, Bethesda runs the risk of the game feeling a little off. They have been cleaning up the issues over the years, allowing them to explore newer things.

The Creation engine is arguably what makes a Bethesda game a Bethesda game.

Glitches, Mods, and Awkward A.I.

Without these elements, Bethesda RPG’s would fall to other more prominent competitors. This is why Skyrim has been released so many times that it is hard to count. Glitches and awkward A.I. make for some unusual yet unique moments. On top of this, adding some mods to change game elements can make another playthrough more than enjoyable. Losing some of these elements might be what kills the franchise.

People are crying for change but they may not appreciate what comes from it. There is just something about these games that attract a broad audience to them. Eliminating the Creation engine would be a change for sure but would it be for the better?


Let me know what you think. Should Bethesda move on from Creation’s bug-infested engine or have Bethesda created the perfect engine for their type of beloved game?

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