Steel Series: Nimbus Wireless Controller

Hello, one and all and welcome back to another hardware discussion. Remember being a kid and wanting nothing more than to take your video games on the go? For me, it was back in the early 90s and my mom bought me my very first game boy. Finally, I was able to take my love of playing Mario where ever I was forced to go that wasn’t the living room. I was a kid and couldn’t be trusted to be by myself. Much like I am now the more I think about it actually. As the years progressed so did ways to play video games on the go. Sega came out with the game gear, which to be honest was way ahead of its time and I personally think it’s a crime it didn’t do as well as it should have. Tiger electronics kept pumping out their games, I still don’t know what we saw in those things. Then the moment that broke the world when we found out we could play games on our Texas Instrument calculators! I only played snake. I liked playing games more on my game boy color.

For those who are reading this, I know how silly it might sound to play games on a calculator but it was ingenious to us at the time. Eventually, we got games on our cell phones, which were really just like the ones we were able to play on that giant TI calculator. Of course, as phones evolved the games they were able to play improved as well. Which brings us to how people play games on their phones now. We have touch screens and great quality resolution on a lot of phones which makes playing games more enticing. More and more people are playing one video game or another on their phone these days. From bowling to RPGs, peoples phones are bringing more gamers to the fold now more than ever. There’s still the argument if mobile gamers are actually gamers but that’s a conversation for another day. Like with much of gaming there of course comes peripherals. In the case of mobile gaming, it makes sense to be on the lookout for some kind of controller. Who wants to be staring at their thumbs while trying to play a game? Introducing the Steel Series Nimbus Wireless Controller! A controller you connect to your iPhone or Apple product to enhance your experience while playing your games. Let’s get started and talk about this already!

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A New Perspective?

The first thing that you would notice with this controller is that it looks like a hybrid between Nintendo’s Pro Controller, an Xbox One controller, and a PlayStation 4 controller. Just like with Super Smash Bros Ultimate, they’re all here!! You’ll notice right away the size and shape of the controller emulates the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller except the D-pad being above the left thumbstick. The controller boasts two thumbsticks that are incredibly close to one another, this will prove to be a pain for those who have larger hands and thumbs. The PlayStation controller is of course being emulated with this aesthetic and as much as I love my PlayStation controller I find myself smacking my thumbs into each other sometimes because of how close they are. With the thumb sticks on this controller in the same position as the PlayStation controller, I can easily see people hitting their thumbs together more often than not. Which might make for an uncomfortable play session. The Steel Series Nimbus controller does its best to have the ergonomic feel and look of the Nintendo Pro controller while also showcasing the familiar sight of the Xbox face buttons. The face buttons have the same letters in the same position as the Xbox controller, the color palette is just different. I’m assuming, of course, they did that so they didn’t get sued by the bigwigs at Xbox. Lastly, this controller comes equipped with bumpers (R1 & L1) on the top and triggers (R2 & L2) similar to a PlayStation controller. This will help those who play console games feel more familiar with the controller itself.

The overall look of the controller is pleasing but I just find it funny how one company took a little bit of everything from the major consoles best controllers and put them onto one controller. One thing I find to be a little annoying and this might just me is the D-pad itself. I find the D-pad to be huge and I feel that it takes up too much room on the controller. The main way to control what’s going on in a game for just about any controller for more than a decade has been the thumbstick. Of course, there are games out there that incorporate or flat out need the D-pad but the majority of the time people are looking to use the thumbsticks. The length of the actual directional buttons won’t impede on your gaming experience overall, it’s just a personal gripe I have with it. Ok, rant over. There are two more things I wanted to touch upon with the aesthetics that stick out right away at first glance. Right smack in the middle, you have your menu button which will get you back to the menu so you can navigate and at the top of the controller you would see 4 LED lights. Those LED lights signify which player you are 1 through 4 in an online game. I really like the last one and I think it without a doubt adds a much-needed breath of originality to the controller. All in all, as I said before the controller looks good which is always a good start, let’s check out some of the features!

Control Freak

I talked about how the Nimbus is really just an amalgamation of the three major console controllers with one glaring unique feature but what matters is how it performs and operates. One of the best things about the controller is the battery life. Gamers who use their controllers know that the battery life isn’t always the best and you can get up to about 8 – 10 hours per charge for the most part. It’s a bit of a pain when you’re in the middle of a boss battle or even worse if you’re online and in the middle of a raid and the battery goes dead. This little sucker when fully charged packs a whopping 40 hours of charge time. That’s enough time to get about half-way done with Breath Of The Wild in one sitting! I wouldn’t recommend playing any game for that long in one shot because you need your sleep and I heard after a certain amount of time without sleep you start to hallucinate. The battery is a lithium ion battery and can also charge using the lightning charger. The ability to charge quickly and hold a good battery life are great qualities but it’s only compatible with games that are MFi certified controllers on certain Apple devices such as: iPhone X, 8, 8 Plus, 7, 7 Plus, 6S, 6S Plus, 6, 6 Plus, 5, 5C, 5S; iPad Pro, Mini, Mini 4, Mini 3, Mini 2, Air, Air 2; iPod Touch (6th Gen); Mac; Apple TV (4th Gen). I have no doubt that a lot of people who own apple products, for the most part, have the newest one but not everyone does.

If you’re one of the lucky people who own one of the listed Apple products above then you will also be able to take advantage of a cool feature. You might be wondering who in the heck am I going to find which games are compatible with this controller? Well, my friend, you are in luck. The Nimbus comes with a free companion app that helps give you access to charts that list the top free and the top paid for controller-enabled games. You don’t need to search on your own and get so frustrated you break your new controller before even using it. That’s always a plus. Another feature here with the app is it will also keep the controller up to date and will make sure it’s always compatible with the controller.

Final Thoughts


I don’t personally find myself playing a lot of games on my cell phone, that’s what I have all my consoles for and if I want to play on the go I bring my 3DS or Switch with me. But not all people have consoles and actually enjoy playing games on their phones and this controller will make the experience a little more enjoyable. As I said earlier, there aren’t many people out there who play games on their phones who like having their thumbs take up the majority of their screen. The added bonus of the controller having a dedicated app helps it along to be a user-friendly experience as well. I don’t like the almost blatant rip off from all the other controllers but it’s as they say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. If you own any one of those Apple products and want to game with a controller, go and buy this controller and set your screen free. Unless you’re one of the people who enjoy looking at your thumbs while playing a game on your phone. In that case, keep doing you.

I hope you all enjoyed this weeks Hardware Conversation if you liked what you read leave a comment down below. Even if you didn’t like what you read, let me know in the comment below! I want to hear from you all. Until next week everyone, enjoy your weekends and take care.


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