USB PC Gamepad: Back To Basics


For decades now a war has been waged between two factions. Each striving to outdo one another. Both sides claim to be the best yet there is still a large divide between the two. Of course, I’m talking about PC gamers VS console gamers. Mobile gamers don’t really rank up there yet but maybe one day. These days the fire has died down between the two factions and peace can be seen looming on the horizon. Console gamers try and implement keyboards in their gaming and PC gamers are using controllers more and more. Now there are all sorts of keyboards and controllers out there and you don’t know exactly what to pick up.

I’ve gone over all sorts of different types of controllers, keyboards, and mice with my discussions but I have never seen anything quite like what I will be talking about today. I am used to looking at controllers and seeing the noticeable “inspirations” from other companies in their product and this one is no different. Instead of a complete amalgamation of different controllers into one, it’s just one. If you can’t really tell by now I will go into further detail down below. Introducing the Poulep USB PC Gamepad. I know the name sounds strange but let’s not judge a controller by it’s cover..that doesn’t seem like the right phrase. Regardless, let’s take a look at the Poulep! Through this discussion feel free to click on the links and pictures to buy your own PC gamepad.



A Return From The Past

I have mentioned a lot of time in my discussions on how people just yearn for nostalgia. Companies know this and they exploit the hell out of people by making things appear like things from our childhood. No one, however, does this better than Nintendo. I own Super Mario Bros on my NES, SNES, and my 3DS. I know what I’m talking about here! There does seem to be a company who might be doing just a good a job appealing to our younger gamer side, Poulep. They zeroed in on Play Station and made their own Play Station 2 controller! From the moment you lay your eyes on this thing it screams PS2 controller. The color of the whole controller is black of course, which has been Play Stations staple color for their controller ever since. The top of the controller is as you would expect it to be, you have your left and right shoulder buttons (L1/R1) and your left and right trigger buttons (L2/R2). There’s also the trademark gap from the shoulder and trigger buttons to the face buttons. The controller has the D-Pad on the left with the outline of each direction and the same on the right side for the action buttons. Now, this is where I am thinking they were really smart and changed things up a bit so they wouldn’t get the pants sued off of them by Sony. The shapes have been replaced by numbers. X is now 3, the circle is now 2, the square is now 4 and triangle now is number 1. Finally some recognition! Bad dad jokes aside, when you look in the middle they could have done something completely different to have it stand out a bit more. Nope, they have the same start and select buttons. To boot it still has the option to turn the thumbsticks on and off with the analog button. I never understood why that was ever an option in the first place. Who really wanted to turn the thumbsticks off back then? I know I didn’t.

The last couple of things to talk about with the aesthetics is, of course, the thumbsticks, right below all the other buttons in typical Sony fashion. They also have the same mate look and feel to them as the PS2 controllers have. Personally, I liked this feel a lot better for more intense gaming sessions when my hands got a little sweaty. It didn’t feel as though my thumbs were going to fly off the thumbstick at any given moment. Last but not least to top off the look of the controller is, of course, the shape of the whole thing. Play¬†Station nailed the controller when they first came out with the original controller in the 90s, it had curves like none other a the time. The PS2 controller kept the same design but just made it black. The Poulep PC gamepad has the same ergonomic feel to it just like the controller it’s emulating. If you’re looking for something to replicate the look and feel of a PS2 controller for your PC, this is going to be the one you want to look at.

Important Details

The controller is not revolutionary by any sense of the imagination but it plays on the nostalgia we’ve been discussing. It’s focused on a particular audience and the fact that the only thing different about the controller itself is the logo, they were banking on people going crazy for it. The price helps out a lot here as well as you can buy one for only $11. The controller is compatible with¬†Windows/95/98/ME/2000/XP Vista/Win7 but it is not able to play for Windows 10. The cord, of course, doesn’t plug into a Play Station but is a USB that plugs right into the computer, ready for you to fire up your next game. One important thing to note about this controller is that it might not work on every game you play on the PC. You’ll want to do a Google search for JoytoKey which helps enable gamepads to mimic a mouse and keyboard. The cord length is around 4.9 feet (1.5m), so it’s a decent length. If you have any emulators for Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater, this controller will help bring you right back to the early 2000’s.


Final Thoughts

With the abundance of third-party USB controllers out there, it’s hard to know which ones to buy and which ones to push aside. The price on this controller will not in any way break the bank. It’s a welcomed sight back to my childhood and they did a hell of a job re-creating one of the best controllers Play Station has made, in my opinion. If you guys enjoyed this discussion, leave a comment down below and let me know what you think. If you have one of these controllers let me know what you think of it!





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