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Hello and good morning one and all! Labor day weekend as always has come and it has gone. It’s the signifier of the world telling everyone GG on Summer and to get ready for a new school year for some students and teachers. For most, it’s also the sign of the last Summer BBQ with family and friends, the last Summer dip in the pool, or even the last Summer day on the beach. I hope you all had an amazing labor day weekend and made some great memories. Now let’s focus and prepare to shift gears to the Fall! That’s right we’re coming upon bonfires, hoodies, Jack-O-lanterns, apple cider, and best of all pumpkin picking and carving. Oh, we also can’t forget the pumpkin EVERYTHING either. Apparently to some people it’s not really Fall unless they have a pumpkin coffee? I don’t get it. Moving on though, although the Summer is basically done the world still turns and there is still news to be shared so let’s get to it.

Nintendo Looking More Towards Mobile?

Every gamer and Non-gamer knows that Nintendo is one of the big names in the video game industry with their home consoles. They were doing better with their handhelds more than their consoles for a while, but since the release of the Switch, things have turned around in that aspect. Now, toward the end of September, we can see a brand new IP coming from Nintendo and it will not be released on the Switch or the 3DS. It’s going to be releasing right on our phones…after we download it from the app store or Google play that is. The name of the new title is Dragalia Lost and will be completely free to start with a launch date of September 27th. The game will be an action based RPG and will have players fighting in real time instead of turn-based. The game is supposed to have the same type of depth as a console game would have while also sporting some pretty intuitive touchscreen controls. I myself have never really been much into mobile gaming, that’s what I have my 3DS and now my Switch for.

Looking more into what the game is going to be, however, I may just change my mind and download it to see what this game will be able to provide. According to newswire “In Dragalia Lost, players build a customized party of adventurers and set off on a grand journey – one that will take them to a variety of locales to save the Kingdom of Alberia from mysterious evil forces that are corrupting the realm”. The story itself sounds pretty cliche from other titles like Zelda and Mario but there is one thing this game will have that Mario and Link do not. You can turn your character into a Dragon! That ladies and gentlemen is the main reason I may be downloading this title on my smartphone. Who doesn’t want to turn into a Dragon and start kicking ass?! It’s said that the game will be able to be played by gamers and non-gamers alike and will be able to be picked up for short or long bursts of play. The thing that has me worried about the game is the currency. There are going to be two types, Diamantium and Wyrmite. Wyrmite is the currency that is earned like any other game, you do a task and you get EXP and money. Then there’s the Diamantium that can be purchased using real money. I am only hesitant because I don’t want Nintendo going down the same way that EA has gone. The only way I can see how this game will go is by checking it out on September 27th. I encourage you to do the same, this could be a great step forward for Nintendo in the mobile market or a giant leap backward.


Looking To Be The Best?

We’ve all been there before. You’re at this one level you’ve been at for almost an hour now and you can’t seem to find the best way to get around a certain objective. What if there was something that could help you by basically making the decision for you through your hands? There’s a “hack” on that claims to help stimulate your muscle reflexes to play a video game perfectly. By stimulate I basically mean shock, it sounded a little better to say stimulate than shock. The shock isn’t exactly what you might be thinking, as Hackaday explains it as a “transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulator, or basically a device that makes you… twitch”. Which when put that way doesn’t sound nearly as bad.

There were tests that were done where someone would sit down in a chair and have his/her hand on the arms of the chair hooked to that stimulator. The gamer would then play a game of snake, anyone remember the good ole days when snake on our phones was revolutionary? Anyway, the stimulator device is connected to four buttons that represent up, down, left, and of course right. The video game would start and as it goes the device would have the gamers muscles contract automatically to make a movement as predicted by the computer it’s hooked up to. So the gamer who is in the chair is more like a conduit for the computer to play the game using the gamer’s body. I am not sure about you guys, but as cool as this sounds this is also a bit creepy. What’s going to be next? A machine eating my dinner for me? No, thank you!

(to see the video of this device in action, check it out here –


Video Games Make More Money Than Blockbuster Movies?

To a lot of people, there isn’t anything better than going out for the night to go see a movie on the big screen. You get your tub of popcorn, gallon-sized drinks, and of course some buncha crunch. At least that’s what I do. Now there used to be a huge argument about video games with people stating it’s not art but those same people agreed that movies are considered art. Coming from a guy who loves both media, I don’t see how one can be considered art while the other is not. The growing popularity of gaming shows that there might be more people out there who would agree that video games are an art and just as entertaining if not a little bit more entertaining than movies. By that statement and the title, you can already tell where this is going.

According to the NPD group (formerly National Purchase Diary Panel), U.S. consumer spending on video games has increased by 40% in the first half of 2018. Just the first half! The NPD is including mobile, PC, and console games in this equation alongside hardware sales like headsets, controllers, and consoles. With that in mind, we’re looking at a number of $19.5 billion in overall sales for video games and $8.1 billion in total gross for movies. That number for movies includes all the way until the end of August also. If you take away the hardware to do a comparison of just video game sales alone, the number does shrink a little to $16.9 billion…WHICH IS STILL HUGE! The games that are at the forefront of pushing these huge numbers are Far Cry 5, Candy Crush, Fortnite (of course), God Of War, PUBG, and Roblox. Far Cry 5 has been the years best seller when it comes to the video game market taking in $310 million in its first week compared with movies to Black Panther which is the years biggest box office having an opening weekend of $292 million. Some people might think this is comparing apples and oranges but I beg to differ. Both are forms of media that people voluntarily pay for with the expectation of being entertained. This is just proof that video games are still increasing in popularity and in my opinion, will fall in the pantheon of the best form of entertainment.


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