Video Gaming News: Guscade Interview

What’s going on Gamerz?! At All4Gamerz we always like to stress the importance of having fun with gaming, after all, isn’t that what games are for? More and more there are people out there who are able to turn their passion into a full-time business and the gaming community is no exception. From Ninja on Twitch to Jacksepticeye on YouTube, gamers are proving they can entertain an audience with their respective skills. But, how often do you hear about gamers who build arcade cabinets? We had the opportunity to talk with a fellow Long Islander Josh Guskin about how he turned a hobby of building and restoring arcade cabinets into his full-time business. The arcades that Josh puts together are amazing quality and bring you back to the good old days of when kids could go to their local arcade and spend hours upon hours just playing with their friends. We hope you enjoy this interview and please as always let us know what you think of the video in the comments below. To check out Josh Guskin’s work go to www.Guscade.Com. You can also buy his arcades online at just search for Guscade in the search menu. Take care everyone!


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