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Good Morning one and all and welcome back to our weekly segment: Video Gaming News or as I like to call it our Monday News. As usual, I hope you all had an amazing weekend full of fun and good memories. This particular Monday news is going to have a theme to it. Instead of talking about three random but interesting things on gaming, they will share a common theme about New York City and memories. Good, bad, or otherwise. I figured I would attempt something new while sharing information with you guys. Memories are what really binds us as individuals, we all have good and bad memories from our own individual experiences. That time when you finally beat your friend at Tony Hawks Pro Skater back in the day after staying up all night learning how to do each individual move would be a good memory to hold onto. Losing Mr. Fluffy because you didn’t put him back in the cage after your Mom told you to, would more than likely fall into the bad memory category.

I just find it interesting how these seemingly minor memories and other types of memories help shape us as people as we continue to grow and get older. By beating your friend in Tony Hawk for the first time, you realized you were able to do just about anything if you put your mind to it and put the work in. By losing Mr. Fluffy when your Mom told you to put him back in his cage, you were able to learn that your parents have reasons of why they tell you to do certain things and it also might have helped you to become more responsible when dealing with future pets. Enough of the intro, let’s get started on some video gaming news!!

Who Ya Gunna Call?


No matter how old you are, if anyone were to ask you who you were going to call, the answer is almost always The Ghostbusters! The Ghostbusters started out back in the 80s as a movie and it features some of the best actors, writers, and comedians of its time. Three scientists and one streetwise average joe team up to go against New York cities most vial ghosts and ghouls. Everything comes to a boiling point towards the end and The Ghostbusters have to face off against a 100 foot tall Stay Puft Marshmallow man!! The movie was a hit and although it was geared toward a more mature audience, kids loved the movie. It was so successful that it dawned a sequel that was met with more mixed opinions. The studio, of course, was trying to appease to the parents who complained about scenes like Ray getting BJ from a ghost. No, I am not kidding. Go back and watch the first movie, it’s hilarious. Of course, merchandise was made for the movies and that included non-other than video games. We’re talking NES era days for the first and second game. I personally liked the second one but that’s just me. For decades fans cried out that they wanted to see the original cast get back together one last time and bust some ghosts. But for one reason or another, there was nothing in the works. Until 2016 where the franchise was re-booted and replaced the original characters with brand new faces and a brand new story. The movie, to say the least, was met with interesting reactions.

The same year, Madam Tussauds Wax Museum opened up a brand new attraction that was inspired by the Ghostbusters 2016 movie. It’s a hyper-reality experience, meaning you put on an Oculus Rift headset that is plugged into a backpack which allows for a whole other type of gaming experience. I had written about hyperreality before in a previous Monday Newz segment and I had to check this out. It’s the Ghostbusters, how can you not?! I headed out to the big apple with my brother in law, my sister, and my girlfriend to experience what seemed to be the best Ghostbusters game to date. I have to say, the crew at Madam Tussauds know how to set things up for immersion. You take part in a tour around the museum as part of the package, checking out all the celebrities and movie references. Then you reach a replica of a New York subway station covered in slime. From there, you follow this windy passage through what is more reminiscent of a haunted house. Pictures where the eyes seem like they’re following you, a pay phone that just keeps ringing with no one on the other end, a piano that is playing the original Ghostbusters theme song all by itself, and you get a run in with the one and only Slimer also! I had a blast walking around looking at all the creepy things and references to ghosts and the Ghostbusters. There was also an animated ghost on the wall that hopped into the Ghostbusters logo, it’s the simple things in life that make you smile.


Then we reached the game. We were told the rules and we set off on our own ghostbusting adventure! With the aid of the Oculus Rift and backpack, I was thrown into an NYC apartment and confronted with little purple ghosts flying around. There was an A/C unit I could see in the back and cold air was coming right from it too! After busting the flying purple ghosts we moved into an elevator. The ground shook as we climbed each level with an old metal gate to close the elevator. As we passed one floor we saw Slimer come out from a hallway corner. He decided to run straight at us and slime us, we felt the air moving and got hit with some water when we got slimed. After shaking off that experience we soldiered on to a not so sturdy wooden platform. I got a little shook up when I looked down because of how narrow and high it appeared we were. Of course, the wooden platform started moving just as soon as we stepped onto it. We fought a small horde of gargoyles and we were finally able to move to the grand finale. We were in a run-down apartment fighting some other purple ghosts and then the roof was lifted off and we were introduced to none other than THE STAY PUFT MARSHMALLOW MAN!!! We tussled and blasted him but nothing was working, finally, we were told we would need to cross the streams. Which, you just don’t do! With the fate of NYC and the world, we crossed the streams and blasted the marshmallow man to pieces and we were met with the aroma of burnt marshmallow. To sum it all up, it was an amazing experience as a gamer and a long time fan of the franchise. Unfortunately, you only have until the end of September if you plan on experiencing this for your self as Madame Tussauds is closing the attraction. It’s been around for two years now and it may be gone forever. I highly suggest you and your friends and family check out this amazing opportunity to become a Ghostbuster. You won’t regret it.

Sources: Me

Never Forget

Last week we observed the 17th year of a national tragedy. Everyone talks about it, where were you when you heard the news? For me, I was in art class in my freshmen year of Highschool. I was joking around with my friends trying to get them to laugh about a situation I didn’t really understand. I had no idea of what exactly was going on until my teacher turned on the TV and then my heart sunk. No longer was I making jokes but staring at that TV in absolute fright. So many things running through my head. Who did this? Why would they do this? Who was hurt? When I thought the situation had calmed down, there was news that the second tower was hit. Like a lot of other children that day, my sister and I were picked up early by our Mom. We all went home where we hoped we would be safe and watched the rest of the events of the day unfold. September 11th is a day that we have told our selves we will never forget. We were determined to unite together and become a stronger nation. Which we did, for quite some time until more recent years.

Banning together is something cultures do and In the gaming and nerd culture there is no difference. That’s why just about everyone flipped their collective lids when they heard an amazing announcement at E3 one year, Spider-Man is returning to the video game scene! I almost passed out from excitement (ok, not really…but I could have). Day one came and I went down to my local Game Stop and picked my copy up right away!! I have not heard many bad things and I will tell you I absolutely love this game! I am having more fun doing the side missions and extra missions then completing the main story. The new Spider-Man game is being talked about being the best game of 2018 so far and may surpass God Of War. You might be asking yourself, why is this crazy person going from talking about a national tragedy to Spider-Man? Because my friends, our very own Matt (Devotedsaint) read about someone coming across a very touching easter egg. You see, some people take the idea to “never forget” differently and have different ideas on how to remember those innocent souls, first responders, and the towers themselves. Some with artwork, tattoos, or in this case video games. If you are web swinging around where the towers used to stand, you’ll find the nearest adjacent building and climb it. Take a look at the reflection on the glass and you will see the twin towers standing tall. I got chills when Matt first told me about this. I will include a video at the bottom just in case you haven’t seen this easter egg yet. In my opinion, this is the best way to remember and honor everyone who was impacted that day.

Sources: Matt (Devotedsaint), You Tuber SuperRebel

Until Next Week Everyone

This week was a little on the shorter side for news wise but I thought these two things would be interesting for you all to read up on. Sticking on the topic of memories, what are your favorite memories with the Ghostbusters? Were you around for the tragedy that struck our nation on September eleventh? I would love to hear from you guys, leave a comment down below. I will fill you guys in on some more interesting news about gaming next week. Take care everyone.


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