Video Gaming News: Monday Newz Letter

Welcome to another Monday Newz letter, I hope everyone enjoyed their weekends. There are a few things I found throughout the course of the week I’d like to go over. There are too many things out there going on but these are the ones I found really interesting that I am excited to share with you.

Gamers Put Back Into The Game

A lot of people don’t understand why gamers like playing the games they play. It’s just like any other hobby that is out there, for the most part. Gaming is something that can bring out the best in a lot of people whether its competitive games like Call Of Duty or games that bring the family together like Mario Party. How would you feel though if one day you were unable to do one of the things you love to do? I am pretty sure you will not be the happiest of campers. Xbox has come out with a controller that puts the power of gaming back into the hands of disabled individuals. Introducing the Xbox Adaptive Controller. The controller has two round pads that can be customized to the players needs, similar to a lot of modified controllers. You can also connect joysticks, switches or external buttons to the main controller to better customize it to the players liking. The controller can be used to play Xbox one games and Windows 10 games as well. It’s set to come out later this year and will give the power of gaming back to a lot of people.


Crayola Coming To Video Games

Most of us as kids might remember drawing space people hanging out with Ninja Turtles with crayons. Just me? Ah well, moving on. Now the colorful company with more names for yellow than I care to count is coming over to the video game platform! There isn’t anything that is specific about what kind of game will be coming out but they will be coming out on the major platforms of PlayStation, Nintendo, Xbox and PC. Crayola for the most part were in the gaming world via plug and play style games. They did also make appearances on the Nintendo DS and the Wii but weren’t as prominent. Crayola is going to be partnering with Outright Games, which makes sense because Outright Games is a big family entertainment company. Gamers with children want to keep their ears and eyes open for the launch of Crayolas new game.


Nintendo’s Classics

As a child of the 90s I remember my Mom buying me my first gaming console ever, the original Nintendo Entertainment System. I would play Super Mario Bros 3, Where’s Waldo and The Legend Of Kage for hours. Of course when I played with my older sister I became player 2 which was annoying but I digress. Nintendo introduced the NES Classic back in November 2016 to the delight of a lot of gamers. It was loved so much that it sold out almost as quick as it was released. I still haven’t been able to pick one up, at a reasonable cost at least. With these gems being made in such a small quantity the lucky ones who were able to pick one up either treasure the system like the coveted lost ark or they are selling them to other people for outlandish prices. The good news is the tiny little NES classic is making a big come back this Summer! Nintendo has stated the release date will be on June 29th. They expect this system should be around for the remaining year. The system packs a whopping 30 games and will have updated multiplayer features that will be a part of the new online subscription service launching for the Switch this September. Keep your eyes out for this system set to launch this June.


Jurassic World To Take A Bite Into Video Games

Jurrasic Park took center stage for most of the 90s upon its release in 1993. The movie was a marvel to behold, we finally saw what it would look like if Dinosaurs roamed the world today. They’ve since made terrible sequel after terrible sequel trying to catch lightning in the proverbial bottle trying to cash in on the original’s success. That is until something came out of left field that reignited the franchise…..A GOOD SEQUEL!! Many would argue it’s a reboot but for the purposes of the article I am referring to the movie as a sequel. The great thing is they made a formula that fixed most of what the previous sequels messed up and more importantly they didn’t kill off the T-Rex this time. Seriously though, I was really upset they did that back in Jurassic Park III with the Spinosauraus fight. Now with the release of the sequel to this sequel on the horizon we have what looks like a pretty decent game on our hands as well called Jurassic World Evolution.

The look of the game from the trailer looks like something akin to Roller Coaster tycoon only with big ole Dinosaurs. You create your park as you see fit in this title, which doesn’t seem like out of the box thinking. What makes this title stand out among the other “tycoon” type of games is you can bio-engineer your own kind of Dinosaurs. They intelligently react to their surroundings around them as you continue to build upon your park. This game is going to be fantastic for those who love Dinosaurs, love the movie franchise ot like most of us love both. The game is slated to release for the Xbox, PS4 and PC on June 12th.


That Wraps It Up

As always these are the things I found particularly interesting from the past week. If you have any interesting news to share about gaming and the industry or want to build on the topics I wrote about please leave a comment below. I would love to hear from you. Enjoy the rest of the week everyone!





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