What is Bad North?


GameStop, Inc.


Hello everyone! I hope that you all had a great week. But now the weekend is upon us. What’s better than forgetting about the work week and getting lost in a new world. This week you fight hordes of Vikings in a fun yet simple strategy game Bad North. It was released for the Nintendo Switch on August 20. Now sit back and enjoy the video. Remember to like and subscribe to the All4Gamerz and Devotedsaint YouTube channels. Thanks for watching and please leave a comment either here or on the video to tell me what you think.


GameStop, Inc.

-Matt a.k.a. Devotedsaint

By Matt

Matt is a geeky husband and father of two crazy kids. Matt has been playing video games since 1991. When he isn't saving Hyrule or blowing up something in Battlefield. He loves to play sports, woodworking, and play with his kids.

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